Coronation Street Spoilers: Yasmeen Nazir To Get A Prison Visit From Alya Nazir

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Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that there will be dramatic scenes in store over the coming weeks, as Alya Nazir visits her grandmother in prison for the first time. Yasmeen was recently refused bail after she was arrested for the attempted murder of Geoff Metcalfe. However, there are a growing number of characters that are convinced that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

At the front of that queue is Alya. She has always known that there has been something off about Geoff, and she is set to plead with her grandmother to be honest about what has happened behind closed doors. But, will Yasmeen finally reveal that she has been abused? And, that the only reason for her lashing out was because Geoff came at her with a knife?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Alya Begs For Answers

The emotional scenes will air next week, as the focus switches back to Yasmeen’s storyline. We haven’t seen much of Yasmeen this week as the focus has been on Leanne Battersby and Steve McDonald’s anguish after discovering what is wrong with their son. Next week viewers will get a look into the troubles that Yasmeen is going through.

Alya will pay her grandmother a visit, and admit that she and Imran are looking for help to save Yasmeen from a prison sentence. The granddaughter will reveal that she knows that she has been abused, and beg her to open up about what he was doing. However, fans looking for Yasmeen to open up are set to be disappointed as she quickly escapes the questions by running out of the visiting room.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Huge Twist On The Horizon

Viewers will know that there is going to be a huge twist over the coming weeks, as soap bosses have already revealed that we are set to learn more about Geoff. Last week, Alya also changed the locks on the house, which means Geoff can’t get back in to hide the video cameras that he has been watching Yasmeen on.

The twist will leave viewers on the edge of their seats as they finally get to see Geoff get the comeuppance that his actions deserve. However, these scenes could still be a number of weeks away. Some fans have also questioned that Alya’s digging could land her in danger, as Geoff refuses to be caught out.

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