Coronation Street Spoilers: James Bailey Calls Out Homophobic Teammate In Dramatic Scenes To air Next Week

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Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that James Bailey will finally take a stand over coming weeks as he calls out one of his teammates that has been homophobic. Viewers will be aware that James finally made the brave decision to reveal his sexuality to his father. But, he was immediately knocked back as Ed refused to accept his son’s sexuality.

Ed made the situation between himself and his son worse when James saw him shouting at his boyfriend. Since then he has made the decision to leave Weatherfield, something which James only learned about this week when Ed told him. The relationship between them is still strained, but it could begin to ease over the coming weeks.

Coronation Street Spoilers: James Stands Up Against Teammate’s Abuse

James is already worried that his football career could be over, as Ed has constantly claimed that the abuse that he could suffer by being an openly gay black footballer may be too much for him to handle. In last night’s episode, James was forced to stand up for himself as fan persistently asked if he was seeing Tim Metcalfe.

Tim managed to calm James down, before then taking him for breakfast. He revealed to James that he can’t allow himself to get wound up by fans as his line of work would mean that his club may turn their back on him. His fears are aligned later in the episode when it is revealed that James has been put on the transfer list by his current club.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Ed Abused By New Bistro Manager

The father and son could soon make up as Ed will be inspired to stand up for his son after suffering abuse from the new manager at the Bistro. Viewers have been shocked by the abusive scenes that have aired over the past couple of episodes as Ed has stood by and accepted the racial slurs that have been aimed at him by Don.

Ed’s decision to finally stand up for himself leads to Ray firing Don over the coming episodes. James is inspired that something good may happen, and he stands up for himself next week. Club legend Tommy Orpington reveals that he did the right thing and claimed that his teammates are behind him. But, will he be back playing the sport he loves when the team is announced for their next fixture?

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