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Little People, Big World (LPBW) Spoilers: Matt Roloff Shares Huge Update on the Farm, Reveals Its Status

There has been a lot of drama in the Roloff family from Little People, Big World. It has all come from the fact that Matt Roloff wants to sell the farm and has denied selling it to any of his children. It looks as if his latest post on Instagram really shook up his family and now there is yet another argument over what is happening with the farm as they enter the busiest season of the year.

Little People, Big World: Hiring on The Farm

In Matt’s latest post, he shared with his fans that he was getting ready to hire some extra help for the farm. He mentioned that he needed “hardworking” staff for the farm now that it is pumpkin season. A source that is close to the family told The Sun, “Matt is hiring new workers for the farm so he can focus a little more on himself and get the new house on the farm completed. He thinks a couple of extra hands would be ideal. Matt insists he’s not replacing his sons, he’s just making sure everything on the farm is taken care of.”

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Shares Update on the Farm and If It Has Sold

Matt did have a Live session on his Instagram account too and he had some fans ask him if the farm has sold yet. He pointed out, “There are some things in the works on it, some deals in the making. Nothing is done until it’s done, right?” When Matt put the farm up for sale in May, he posted on his Instagram about it, and from that post, it is clear that he was blaming his sons, yet again for the issues with the farm.

The initial post read, “The BAD news, as you can imagine, is how difficult it was for me to put even 16 of the 108 acres of Roloff farm up for sale. “My ultimate hope was that the entire Roloff Farms property would stay in our family for generations to come”.

He went on, “Keeping that dream alive at this point in time was just not meant to be. Unfortunately, Roloff Farm farm cannot be legally divided into multiple parcels. My twin boys decided not to consider working together toward a possible joint sale.

Both of them (along with their growing families) had moved on to other interests and investments…. and even tho a substantial family discount and a “gift of equity” was offered by both Amy and I….(and I still owe Amy a bundle of money) ..they decided individually that the timing was not right for them to purchase a part of the farm at this time.

Based on that, turning the big 60 in my cranky old body, the continuing maintenance/demands of the farm- the difficult decision was made so I could take steps toward my retirement goals.
The GOOD news….. you never know what the future might hold for the “93” un-charted & pristine acres that do remain in the Roloff Family for all to enjoy !”

As of right now, Jacob Roloff is the only child that is working on the farm and there are rumors that he and his wife, Isabel Roloff could be moving onto the farm.

We will continue to keep an eye on the Roloff Farm and see if the sale does occur any time soon.

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