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Little People, Big World (LPBW): Matt Roloff Gets Serious Backlash Following Big Announcement of Selling Farm

Matt Roloff from Little People, Big World recently announced that he is selling the family farm for $4 million. He has had his sons offer to buy the farm, but it looks like he can’t see eye to eye on things with any of them. As soon as he posted on social media that he was selling the farm, his followers were crazy on him and now he is getting more backlash than ever!

Little People, Big World: Selling The Farm

Matt and Amy Roloff battled it out when they got a divorce and just a few years ago, she actually sold her half of the property to Matt. When she did this, his children were ready to jump on buying the farm, but it looks as if they have not been given the chance to do so.

Little People, Big World: After Matt Roloff’s Big Announcement on Selling Farm, Fans Give Him Backlash

Matt revealed the sale on Instagram and wrote, “Well the cats out of the bag. I want to make sure you all hear the big news directly from me… All of Roloff Farms has brought me and our family great joy for the past 30+ years! Today 16 acres of the farm’s 109 acres go up for sale including our original family home and bright red barn. It’s a tiny bit scary but mostly exciting… it’s time to move forward toward the next season of life.”

It wasn’t too long before Matt’s followers started in on him. One fan wrote to him, “Wow. I thought it would be your family’s legacy.” Another added, “Guess the legacy of the family home really meant nothing and everyone is greedy at.

This is sad- sad for the kids and the grandkids. Feel like it’s all been a lie.” Another wrote, “Wow! I pictured the grandkids & generations to come growing up & creating memories there.” One more chimed in, “Give it to your son!!”

The comments just kept coming too. One added, “Proft over family… why wouldn’t you let your children build and live there? You can’t take the money with you when you’re gone. What a shame.”

One more wrote, “Why wouldn’t you take your son’s offer? You would rather sell to somebody else than have it stay in the family?” More and more fans wrote to him that they thought it was sad that he wouldn’t take Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff’s offer and that this shows how money hungry he is.

We will continue to keep an eye on the Roloffs and the new season of the show coming soon on TLC.

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