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Little People, Big World (LPBW) Spoilers: Is Jacob Roloff the Only Son Helping This Season?

Fall is a busy season for the Roloff family from Little People, Big World and as the season is getting ramped up, it seems that Matt Roloff may not have as much help this season as he thought he would. There has been tension between him and Zach Roloff over buying the farm and after Matt let Zach down, Zach and his wife, Tori Roloff bought a house in Washington.

Jeremy Roloff has also had words with his father over the selling of the farm and it looks like he won’t be helping this year either. Who is left? Jacob Roloff has actually been working at the farm full-time, according to his wife, Isabel Roloff, and it looks like he is ready to help during this very busy season.

Little People, Big World: Jacob and Matt’s Relationship

Jacob left the show very early on when he was able to make the choice for himself and he is glad that he did. He came out in 2020 and told his fans that one of the producers of the show had groomed him and molested him while they were in production.

Little People, Big World: Is Jacob Roloff the Only Son Helping This Season?

His parents blamed themselves for a while and it did seem as if Jacob had become distant from them. Now that he has a child, he has gotten much closer to his father and has been helping him a lot. Some fans are even convinced that Matt is giving Jacob and Isabel the farm.

While Jacob is working on the farm, he is doing maintenance to help his father, cleaning the public restrooms for the tours of the farm, and he is throwing up lights everywhere for visitors to be able to see everything around them.

It looks like he is the hard worker that Matt always needed on the farm! From what we have seen in his recent posts, he is getting along well with his father and had even had time to capture some moments of his son with Matt.

Generally, Matt gets help from all of the Roloff children, but as of right now it looks like Jacob may be the only child that has a good relationship with their father. This could come in handy when it comes time to make the final sale of the farm, but we will have to wait and see.

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