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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Kim Plath Is Beyond Counseling!

Kim Plath dropped a truth bomb on soon-to-be-ex-hubby Barry Plath and it seems that he didn’t like it one bit. When he and son Isaac Plath were moving a bed into the apartment above the dance studio for Kim, she sent Isaac to get breakfast while she and Barry had a little chat.

She had said before in her confessionals that she didn’t feel like Barry was getting the hints that she was dropping and even in this conversation you could clearly see that. It wasn’t that he wasn’t getting the hints, it was more that… he didn’t want to get the hints, that odd little air of superiority he has in regards to Kim. What exactly is his true opinion of her?

Kim Plath is beyond counseling

He says he still loves her, but does he? Really? It looks like if he loved her he would be digging his heels in and fighting for her but it seems that Barry had his dewclaws removed. It seems that Barry thinks that Kim ought to do all the emotional labor in this fight, and Kim is… exhausted. Barry is barely breaking a sweat aside from moving the furniture.

He doesn’t seem surprised or even remotely bothered by Kim’s accusations, so that means he either doesn’t think they’re true or knows they’re true and they’re so old that he just doesn’t care. Twenty-four years is a long time not to appreciate someone as a person, if it’s been going on that long.

Kim said that Barry had a habit of being harsh on her when he was in a bad mood, now, we haven’t really seen evidence of this on-camera, but that doesn’t mean that it does not exist. That just means that that speculation is right and the Plaths are really good at hiding what is truly going on from the camera, which is not surprising for the culture that they come from at all.

There’s a lot of ‘secrets’ that go on in super strict, religious circles, you just have to scratch that fine patina, but some is thicker than others, and it seems the Plaths have themselves lacquered.

Kim told Barry that since she knew that he was just doing the bare minimum to keep her happy, that that wasn’t a marriage that she wanted to stay in. She said in her confessional that she felt that their relationship was more like a business partnership than anything. When you’ve had 10 kids with a person, that’s a very cold relationship… so we kind of can’t blame Kim for wanting out. Stay tuned!!!