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TLC ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Did Kim Plath Ever Truly Believe?

After the conversation that Kim Plath had with daughter Lydia Plath as opposed to the one she has with son Micah Plath, one has to wonder, did she ever truly believe any of the things that she taught the kids? Because when Lydia was getting all spiritual on Kim, the one who helped create all that Lydia is, Kim was very quick to shut her down and point out real world facts as opposed to any spiritual wisdom that Lydia may have been trying to impart.

This makes us wonder, was the conversation that she and Lydia had similar to the conversations that she and ex-hubby Barry Plath have had in the past? We do know that Kim essentially just went along with things for the past 20 some odd years, but what we really don’t know is how that actually looked.

Welcome to Plathville: Did Kim Plath ever truly believe?

Kim sounded a bit bitter towards the whole belief system in her conversation with Lydia, and it sounds like she blames it for the problems that she and Barry are having now. The conversation with her and Lydia sounded like the kind of conversation that Kim would like to have had with Barry, but Barry doesn’t seem like he’s on the proper wavelength to deal with a conversation that real, not that he’s mentally challenged or anything he just does not seem to be in touch with his emotions at all.

In his talks with his kids we get to see that he is sincerely trying to do better, but it looks like in his own relationship that that realization came way too late.

The weird thing is, is that Kim said she only recently started viewing herself as an individual and giving herself permission to do fun things, like have margaritas. If that be the case then that is a very in long time to suspend your disbelief and just pretend that you are just an extension of your husband’s every whim.

While we see Barry trying now, what we haven’t seen is how Kim managed to put her entire sense of self on the line for close to 25 years and why she kept to this set of beliefs so strongly if she didn’t actually believe. We want to know how that happened. Maybe next week will provide some clues? Stay tuned!!!

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