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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Kim Plath mentions The Big D by accident

It looks like Kim Plath may have put her foot in her mouth on the most recent episode of Welcome to Plathville simply because when she was talking to the little girls, Mercy and Cassia, about why their family had been so shaken up lately, she mentioned divorce, and in her confessional she said that that’s where it looks like she and Barry are heading.

We do have to give her some props for being honest, even if she didn’t mean to, even if it did take the kids by surprise, causing one of the little girls to say, “When kids parents get what now?” the poor thing, she was not expecting that at all.

Kim Plath mentions The Big D by accident

Without going into too much detail, Kim said that this started about 7 months ago and she realized that she was not happy within the marriage and that she and Barry, even though they had been married for 24 years, were not doing the things that they should have been doing to keep the marriage alive. She realized that she was not happy and she wanted a change, so that is when the family shake-up happened.

It was kind of easy to see that that was already happening in previous seasons, Kim and Barry, while they had warmth for each other, just didn’t really possess any heat together, and it seems like Barry is not one of those men who easily gets jealous. We saw that when Kim’s friend Nigel came over from the gym.

You know, we haven’t really seen Kim and Barry interact except for that one dinner for the entire season because they have been living apart, and one wonders, now that Kim has moved back in, how that’s going to affect their every day lives.

Kim said that she moved back in to be close to the little girls, but said that Lydia and Isaac work and they’re out of the house, so it seems that the Plaths days of keeping it together for the kids are over and done with. Something tells me that there’s going to be a hell of a showdown once Ethan and Olivia find all of this out, simply because of the pressure that those two put on their marriage. Yike. Plath family therapy, anyone? Stay tuned!!!