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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: What Happened Kim Plath’s New Gym Friend, Nigel?

Kim Plath, uber conservative homeschool Mom of 9, has a “gym friend” named Nigel, a Jamaican man whom she invited over to cook dinner for hubby Barry Plath and the kids. Now, just a year ago we could not have foreseen these developments, Kim was much too busy making her older children’s lives a living hell.

But now, it seems that things have cooled between her and Barry, to the point where Barry even says that he feels a bit neglected and left out. He says that Kim told him she wasn’t happy awhile ago, and that that was the reason that he purchased the dance studio for her, but.. could that ultimate be what leads Kim away from Barry?

Kim Plath’s new gym friend, Nigel

It looks like Barry has had to take much of the lead when it comes to things at home, Isaac and the girls help, but Lydia who did a lot of the ‘Mom’ type things works now, she got a job at a local bank, and she simply doesn’t have the time to pour into the kids like she did before. Barry, it would seem, now helps with more of the domestic things where he didn’t before.

Actually, we’re not sure how much of the domestic things he did before but we do know that he worked in Tallahassee, so we’re assuming that that ate up most of his time before, but since his job involved travel, he might do telecommuting now due to COVID. We’re not sure, Barry hasn’t elaborated on his employment situation, that’s just speculation, but we do know that he helps more now, so we’re assuming that this has translated into more time at home.

Since Ethan and Olivia have moved away, it seems that a lot of Kim’s misery has come to the forefront. No wonder she was making Ethan, Olivia, Moriah, and Lydia miserable, she was miserable all by herself! She said that she felt like Barry didn’t really care about her, and Barry wasn’t showing any signs of jealousy even at the thought of his wife bringing over a muscular Jamaican man to cook them dinner.

Of course Barry had to tell the cringe-worthy “Jamaican” Dad-jokes, of course he did, but if that was his attack of choice then… he needs to step up his game. Kim is not playing around, and it may not be Nigel this time but it’s clear that Kim is on the lookout for someone who understands her better, and maybe someone who… wouldn’t care if the kids had a coke or two. Just food for thought. Stay tuned!!!