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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Micah and Isaac Plath Defend Mom Kim Plath

When Micah Plath swooped in after Ethan Plath said that he didn’t love Mom Kim Plath anymore after the divorce announcement, it was kind of amazing. As Ethan said, Micah is not the guy that gets angry, we’ve seen him take all kinds of things in stride, getting kicked out and essentially disowned by the Plaths and even attempting to maintain a good relationship with them even after the fact.

Of course, Isaac is still living at home so he’s still in the thick of things and would probably be on Kim’s side anyway, but proximity doesn’t always mean that a child will be on that parents’ side. It was still something to watch both Isaac and Micah step in to defend their Mother.

Micah and Isaac Plath defend their Mother

They told Ethan that she had changed since she left Barry, and that now she was chilled out. Of course, Ethan, being the oldest and being the one that they probably drilled a lot of their beliefs into, is going to be suspect of that. Ethan has a lot of deconstructing to do when it comes right down to it and he’s experiencing major, major cognitive dissonance right now.

It’s hard to believe that someone as staunch as Kim Plath would ever change, even some of us in the fandom are having a hard time buying it and we’re not even related to her, but staying stagnant is not the way of the world… people change, priorities change.

We’re just glad that at least some of the kids can see this. Micah and Isaac seem to welcome the change because they feel like Kim has changed for the better and is probably not held down by oppressive beliefs anymore. (Or at least not as oppressive as they used to be.)

Ethan is having a harder time accepting this because he knew of life to be one way and he seemed to be largely okay with that one way, as did Barry, but… as far as coming around goes… we think Ethan has a better chance than Barry ever did. Stay tuned!