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Stranger Things Season 4 (ST4) First 8 Minutes SHOCKER; What did Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) do?

Stranger Things Season 4 hasn’t dropped yet, but Netflix did do us a giant favor earlier by dropping the first 8 minutes of season 4 and it is a sight to behold! So far, we get to see Dr. Brenner again, but this time the story starts pre-timeline, in 1979. Dr. Brenner is working with another subject, Ten, who is new.

They’re working on what looks to be some kind of mental image training along with Ten being something of a warg, he can see where people are and what they’re doing from a remote location. You think, “Oh man, this kid is going to come in handy later!” and then you realize that the first rule of the Stranger Things Universe should be, “Don’t get too attached.”

Stranger Things – What did Eleven do?

We only get to meet 10 for a few minutes before he warns Dr. Brenner that somethng is wrong and that the other scientist that Brenner has asked him to find, along with the child that they were working with, is also in trouble. He becomes visibly upset and finally tells Brenner that “Six” and the other doctor are in trouble.

When Brenner asks how, that’s when he hears the screams. They really did not spare the gore in the next scenes, what we see next is filled with blood and bodies as Brennner makes his way through Hawkins Labratories, but not before taking a steel door to the face which makes one wonder if Dr. Brenner has been juicing beforehand.

He makes his way down the body-riddled hallway, face bleeding, he finally gets to the room where all the screaming was coming from and realizes that there is exactly one culprit, and that’s Eleven. Eleven turns around, her nose bloody along with her eyes, staring at Brenner with a crazed glare.

He simply asks, “What did you do?” honestly, we’re wondering that as well, what on earth did Eleven do and what on earth triggered her so badly? Sure, Eleven has been known to lose it from time to time but this ended in the death of dozens of people, both scientists and children.

Also, what kind of monster power does Brenner have to be able to survive a steel door to the face? Moment of Silence for Ten, he was probably a really good kid. Stranger Things comes out on May 27th, at least part one does, stay tuned!!!