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Netflix’s Stranger Things (ST) Spoilers: What You Need To Know About Season 4!

So, originally, Stranger Things was supposed to come out in 2020 but due to a global pandemic and production shut down that did not happen. However, thankfully, with mask mandates and a vaccine that is soon to be on the way (fingers crossed) we can look forward to Season 4 in, perhaps, fall or winter of 2021. There’s hope to go around because it’s just now January, we’re hoping that life will be nearing the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ phase.

Speaking of hope…

When we left off at the end of Season 3 for Stranger Things, we were all crying in our bed (or perhaps that was just me) because, life as we knew it was over. Everyone had moved out of Hawkins and Hopper (David Harbour) was dead.

The guy who had adopted Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown) and was Joyce’s (Winona Ryder) love interest was gone and we were all devastated. His final note to Eleven was even more heartbreaking because he had told her to leave the door open for him! But… it was also a bit of a clue. I had a feeling that that wasn’t the last we’d seen of Hopper and as it turns out my initial suspicions were right.

According to the trailer for Season 4, Sheriff Hopper is indeed alive, but unfortunately, he is stuck in a freakin’ russian goulag! Okay we didn’t sign on for that, we were hoping that it wouldn’t be that difficult to get him back but hey, if anyone can do it its our gang of crazy kids, right? Well, let’s hope.

All of Hopper’s gorgeous blonde locks are shaved off because let’s face it, russian goulags just aren’t the place to make fashion statements, and you know the guy has seen some stuff go down that isn’t pretty… but we also know one thing, and that is the good possibility that he might just be able to come back to Hawkins, to Elle, to Joyce – and to all of us as fans!

But since he’s been in the possession of Russian scientists for so long, we kind of have to wonder if he’ll have “come back wrong” after all, they plucked him out of the Upside Down and when Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) came back from the upside down, he came back with the ability to communicate with monsters and also the ability to give birth to baby demogorgons by puking them up into the sink so uh… what Upside Down abilities has Hopper gained? Are they like El’s? Or more like Will’s?

We didn’t see Joyce, or any of the kids in the trailer, so this makes me wonder if it’s a Hopper-centric story but I doubt that is the case because they said that when everyone got together for the initial table-read that they were surprised as well to see Harbour walk in, apparently the creators told no one except for Harbour himself that Hopper was really alive, so the reactions among the cast and crew were real when they saw him again. We really can’t wait for season 4. Stay tuned!!!

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