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Netflix’s Stranger Things Spoilers: Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) Gets Her Own Stranger Things Spinoff!

Netflix’s Stranger Things Spoilers reveal that Millie Bobby Brown, who most of us know as Eleven, or El, from Stranger Things, has just renewed her contract with netflix. That makes us fans really happy because that means that Eleven is here to stay in Hawkins for as long as this particular fictional universe exists.

However what we didn’t know is when she signed the contract, one of the conditions was that she would get a Stranger Things spinoff of her very own! Netflix hasn’t confirmed anything yet though.

Netflix’s Stranger Things Spoilers: Stranger Things spinoff

As we all know, in season 2 episode 7 of Stranger Things, we get to see that Eleven wasn’t the only child that was experimented on by the feds. There are other children like her with powers, Eleven briefly meets up with them and they have an adventure all their own before she rejoins Hopper and the rest of the youthful Stranger Things clan.

One wonders if maybe, Eleven will be meeting up with her specially powered counterparts for an adventure. One even wonders what time period it will be in, since Stranger Things takes place in the early 1980’s, we highly doubt there will be a huge 3 decade long time jump, especially if Brown is set to reclaim her titular role.

I’m going to speculate and say that this may or may not be sort of “Eleven: The college years” and maybe she ends up going to school out of state or perhaps ends up on the run away from the people who previously imprisoned her again.

Or maybe she’s helping her fellow super-powered former friends out, or perhaps they’ve reunited for a grudgematch. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched season 2 so this will probably depend on how they parted. (Hey, bear with me, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the season.)

Will her and Mike still be together or will Eleven have moved on to other love interests by then? Or will her and Mike be endgame no matter what. I’m fond of the latter theory, even if they do end up splitting up halfway through the series.

Right now it’s a young, pure kind of love, but as we grow older our interests change and we sometimes outgrow each other, we hope that doesn’t happen for Eleven and Mike, but we can still hope for an ultimate Endgame with them. This is all just speculation, we can’t wait to see what, if any, details come out. Stay tuned!!!

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