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Netflix’s Stranger Things Spoilers: Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour) Returns, But Will we see Max (Sadie Sink) again?

We all know that Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour) will be back for S4 of Stranger Things, but there’s another character that some of us are curious about, and that is the little red-haired sk8r girl herself, Max (Sadie Sink).

We all saw last season that she and Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown) had a tenuous friendship that sometimes bordered on contentious when she thought that Max got a little too close to Mike (Finn Wolfhard), but now that everyone’s moved out of Hawkins (or at least El and the Byers moved, we’re not sure about the rest of them.) what ever became of the friendship between Max and Eleven?

Netflix’s Stranger Things – Will we see Max again?

Will they ever go back to being friends as they once were or is she destined to always see Max as a rival? She was beginning to see her as one for the affections of Mike. However, in the end Max was not really a rival for her affections for Mike, since she ended up with Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) in the end, and as it turns out she didn’t really have any interest in Mike at all.

Though that begs the question, will Max even be around? After all, her brother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery) died during the Battle of Starcourt in a pretty epic way, so if she’s not in Hawkins anymore I can’t exactly blame her for not sticking around.

Will she and Lucas still be together or will it have literally been one of those early high school flings that only last a couple of months? As cute as they are together I’m not sure about this little couple’s staying power, and if they don’t end up as endgame, well, it’s alright.

But we won’t be sad because it’s over, we’ll smile because it happened. Finally, will Max still be into skateboarding as she was, or will she have moved onto other, girlier interests? Everyone grows and changes as they get older and sometimes that includes outgrowing things, but I can only hope that Max’s sk8r girl ways hang around for a season longer. It was what made her unique. Stay tuned!!!

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