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Netflix: New Wrap date for Stranger Things Season 4

Looks like David Harbour, AKA Sheriff Hopper, on Stranger Things, just might have let it slip about a potential wrap date. When he was being interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel live, when asked about how far along they were to releasing season four he said that he couldn’t say anything but did reveal that he was almost done filming his scenes.

However that was also mixed with the sentence, “We’re almost done.” which gave some fans hope that the release date could come about this year. However, let’s not get our hopes up. We’ve waited this long for Stranger Things season 4, I’m not sure it’d do any good to hold our breath for an actual 2021 release date. However he did set his final filming date for August, so, perhaps there’s hope? We’ll see.

Netflix: New Wrap date for Stranger Things?

There was also an announcement that Stranger Things is getting four new cast members which will be interesting. They are as follows, Amy Beth McNolty, who is playing a girl named Vicky, supposedly she is a “cool, fast-talking band nerd” who catches the eye of one of the cast, but we’re not sure who yet.

Miles Truitt is next on the list, who is playing someone named Patrick, a basketball star at Hawkins who has “friends, talent, and a good life until shocking events send his life spiraling out of control”, yike, poor Patrick. Regina Ting Chen will be playing Mrs. Kelly, a guidance counselor (I’m assuming at Hawkins) who cares deeply for her struggling students.

Finally there is Grace Van Dien, who plays Chrissy, the head cheerleader at Hawkins who has that classic, all-american “perfection outside, dark secret inside” cheerleader personality. Hoo boy.

Some people are already shipping Robin with Vicky, and some people have their money on Mrs. Kelly not surviving through the whole season (which would make sense, the new adults don’t seem to survive Hawkins very well.), but my money is on Chrissy actually being a creature of the night and her having angst about having to hide it from the rest of her perfect, cheerleader existance.

There could also be some shipping between her and Patrick, if we wanted to get really cliche, but that seems a bit unlikely. Either way, we at DSD are keeping our ears to the ground for Stranger things news. Stay tuned!!!

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