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JK Rowling Slays Vladimir Putin In “Cancel Culture” Comparison

You wouldn’t think that an evil dictator would resort to blaming all of his problems on cancel culture, you would think that someone who invaded another country wihout real reason and is now sending his own countryment to slaughter an innocent sister country would have a lot more to worry about than petty, online “cancel culture”, but apparently not Vladamir Putin!

In a public statement released just the other day he compared himself to author JK Rowling and said that they had both been the victims of “cancel culture”.

JK Rowling slays Putin in “cancel culture” comparison

JK Rowling can be problematic, but as far as we know she has never invaded an entire country and started murdering its innocent citizens for no good reason, so the comparisonis baseless. JK Rowling also didn’t take too kindly to being lumped into the same category with this guy so she tweeted,

“Critiques of Western Cancel Culture are possibly not best made by those currently slaughtering civilians for the crime of resistance, or who jail and poison their critics. #IStandWithUkraine”

She makes an excellent point. Also, if Putin had been the subject of any sort of “cancel culture” then it’s pretty safe to say that he had it coming and he should not expect the online world to treat him with any respect after he basically turned himself into Red Skull from Captain America – without any of the redeeming qualities.

Also, it’s amazingly petty that Putin would claim cancel culture as his only problem now that he has sanctions out the wazoo and all of the profitable American businesses are pulling out of Russia and his Oligarch friends are slowly getting fed up with him because their assets are frozen.

The question remains though, what did he expect? Did he expect the author who created Voldemort and the Death Eaters as a commentary on Nazi Germany to come rushing to his defense online and say “Poor Vlad!” and play the world’s smallest violin for him? It’s JK Rowling, not Tucker Carlson, he has to realize who he’s dealing with.

Also does he really think that war crimes equate to anything that is said or done on Twitter? Because now the US has accused Russia of War Crimes in the Ukraine, so does Vlad really equate War Crimes with mean tweets? You have to be kidding, right? If that be the case, then please let us fire up the meme assaults! Stay tuned!!!