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The Bachelor: Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell’s New Gifts

The Bachelor star, Matt James, just got a lot of recognition for his latest gift to his girlfriend, Rachael Kirkconnell. He gave her a great surprise of a brand new electric bike. Matt posted a video of himself giving her the bike. He hadn’t told her that he got her this big surprise, but we got to see him put it together for her.

He told fans, “We had a very important shipment come in about three days ago and Rachael thinks that it’s for someone else. Little does she know, this Super73 bike is hers. We’re telling her that we’re putting it together for somebody else, but little does she know when it’s all put together, it’s actually going to be gifted to her.”

The Bachelor: The Big Secret

Matt loves to give gifts, but he has a really hard time keeping things a secret. He told his fans that he has been keeping this a secret for over a month and it has been one of the toughest things he’s done in a while.

He told fans, “I hate keeping secrets. But I think it’s going to be well worth it. Now, she has her own bike and we’ll be able to mob the streets together.” When the couple went outside to check out the bike, Rachael was very shocked to see that the bike was for her! She kept asking him over and over if it was really for her and he told her it was. Then she said, “No, you didn’t!”

The couple posted more videos of her on the bike and she got very excited when he gave it to her. She even started to cry from this kind gesture. She shared a video of the two of them riding together and captioned it, “When the city shuts the streets down for the day, you take advantage of it.”

If you don’t much about Matt and Rachael, the couple met when she appeared on The Bachelor to try and win his heart. They fell hard and fast for each other and then he chose her at the final rose ceremony.

There were rumors that she was racist after pictures from an Antebellum event surfaced and the couple broke up. Then there were rumors that they had worked things out and gotten back together. Since April, they have been working on their relationship. These gifts help and we are happy they are trying to work things out.

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