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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Star James Patrick Stuart Really Is The Full Package – Here’s Why

Is there anything that this man can’t do? Not only if she handsome, but he’s a great actor, he does a phenomenal job reading children’s book on his social media accounts and apparently, he can sing, too. It’s no wonder that so many soap fans are head-over-heels in love with General Hospital star James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine). The actor is currently previewing his second album, ‘Clean Slate.’ Here’s what he has to say.

‘Clean Slate’ was released on July 5th and according to James, this album is definitely a personal one for him. He told Soap Opera Digest in a new interview, “There were a couple of songs floating around that didn’t make it on the first record that I wish had. A guy that I worked with, a songwriter that passed away just after The Apple Tree came out, we had been talking about doing this crazy Treme, New Orleans jazz version of one of his tracks. It’s called ‘Look Out Below’ and it’s about coming a little close to the darkness in life.”

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Star James Patrick Stuart Really Is The Full Package – Here’s Why

He added, “But the song also has a great beat to it — really bouncy, extremely hummable, great background vocals — and so that’s the first track on the [new] record. That’s actually what started this: That song needed a home and the rest of the songs just sort of started to grow around that.”

James says that he wanted to release the album during the holidays, but decided to release it now, in honor of his later father, musician Chad Stuart.

He said, “My father’s from Northumbria, from the Lake District in the north of England, and there’s a pipe that’s almost like a bagpipe, but is much smaller than a bagpipe, that is indigenous to that part of the world. You hear it a lot in soundtracks, [including] Titanic. It’s a very specific instrument and I knew I needed to have it on that song. It took me awhile to find the right guy [to play it], so it took about three or four months for that song to jell. It’s done with Northumbrian pipes and a guitar and a fiddle and it’s just perfect for him. It was all meant to be.”

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