Youtuber Brooke Schofield “Mindy” Smashes Tana Mongeau, Claps Back At Shocking Fake Story

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Holy crap ya’ll. So, “Mindy” AKA Brooke Schofield, has clapped back at Tana Mongeau, the person who recently made a video about her. In Tana’s video she described how Mindy hooked up with the guy she was seeing behind her back while she was at her house and they got security cam footage of them doing it and “Mindy” tried to claim it wasn’t her and, well, basically Tana’s video made Brooke, AKA Mindy, look really, really bad.

But now, “Mindy” is clapping back and says that she is going to tell the truth about what happened and give all the details about what Tana left out… and it looks like there was an important part about a third party that was completely left out of Tana’s story.

Youtube – “Mindy” claps back

Apparently, both Brooke and Tana were actually trying to hook up with this third party girl named Katie, that’s actually not her real name but Brooke didn’t want to include her in this because she wanted to protect her from all the drama, but, if she didn’t include her then the story wouldn’t have the correct context, so she had to include her name.

By the way, can I just say that when Brooke says she looks like Tana, she isn’t kidding, when I saw the video thumbnail I literally thought it was Tana for just a minute doing another vlog but nope, it was Brooke. So any way, Tana says that she wants to hook up with Katie, but literally so did Brooke, but Tana says that it’s stupid to “call dibs” on anyone and Brooke agrees, but then Tana turns right around and says the only person that she would get mad about anyone hooking up with is Jake Paul, her ex-husband.

Okay, fair. But getting back to the Katie situation, Katie says that she doesn’t have feelings for Tana like that.

But I guess things happened between them anyway and she decided to end up giving Tana a chance in the end, after Tana invites her friend “Jeff” over (Josh Grekin) that’s when he and Brooke start talking and Brooke tells him that it’s kind of messed up that Tana would hook up with someone else right in front of him after inviting him over for what Brooke thought was that purpose.

While Brooke says that she and Jeff did hook up, they “absolutely did not have sex” and that that part was not true. She also said that Tana’s story about finding out later that night was a lie because she did not know until the next afternoon when Brooke actually told her. She said she confided in Tana’s assistant first, you know, the one who was allegedly getting chic fil a? That one.

She also says that this “security footage” that Tana has was not actually of them in the movie theatre part of the house, but it was of a group of 8 of her friends standing around in the kitchen and Brooke and Jeff were standing just a little bit too close.

She says that she confessed knowingly to hooking up with Tana’s guy, which caused Tana to freak out but… Tana just literally told her that it’s stupid to call dibs on someone so why was she freaking out if she hadn’t “called dibs” on this guy?

Also Tana says that she and Katie never actually hooked up even though she had Katie in her room on her bed and practically begging her to, but she didn’t because she was being a good friend to Brooke, or at least that was her story to Brooke. Katie tells it differently, they didn’t hook up because Katie didn’t want to, so where is the lie here?

Brooke feels bad for hurting Tana’s feelings, but she says that the amount of hate comments that she has been getting is completely out of hand. People are commenting that she’s a cheap version of Tana and that she’s poor saying that Tana was paying for her chic-fil-a when that wasn’t the case.

Brooke goes on to say that she has worked for Tana in a creative capacity and that the content on her entire tiktok page is due to Brooke’s ideas and no, she has not been paid for them. She has also gotten death threats which.. is just ludicrous if you think about it.

Come on people, it’s an online fued, people. At the end of the video she encouraged people to shift their focus on things that are actually important and we kind of agree. There’s a lot better things to do than threaten people you don’t know just because they’re having a fued with someone you’re a fan of. Stay tuned!!!

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