Youtuber Tana Mongeau Had No Blueprint – Between Good and Evil Podcast With Charlotte D’Alessio

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On the Between Good and Evil podcast, Tana Mongeau was interviewed by Charlotte D’Alessio and she had some interesting things to say. She made an interesting point about her youtube career saying that she essentially had no blueprint for her career, and she’s kind of right.

She said that in the last 10 years that fame and the way that it’s acquired has changed. She said that back in the day, previous hollywood stars have had privacy. And she’s right.

Youtube – Tana had no blueprint

Social media stars basically put their lives online all the time, whether it be daily vlogging on youtube or talking to fans over twitter, there is a certain “in your face” quality to today’s social media stars that media personalities in the past just haven’t had.

When previous stars were up and coming we’d get notified about their new movie or what project they were filming next, now it’s much less about projects and more about what stars’ daily lives are. Especially now that the pandemic has hit, everyone’s always on social media now because that is the way we communicate.

Thanks to COVID we are all now sort of housebound and constantly looking at these other homebound people for content (even though we all know that Tana doesn’t even stay home if you pay her, ahem.), it makes otherwise quirky social media stars a lot more mainstream and a lot more relatable than say, an actress who’s starring in a film.

(Though now a lot of hollywood people are jumping on the youtube and tiktok bandwagons, J. Lo now has a youtube channel, who knew!)

She also made another interesting point, that in the days of classic hollywood, say in the time of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, there was no instagram and they really didn’t have to compare themselves to each other.

Now, with social media, comparison is everywhere and she says that it’s the root of all evil. She says that’s what she tells her fans as well, to not compare themselves to other people because it’s a really toxic game. You know what they say, even a broken clock is right two times a day. Stay tuned!!!

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