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Youtuber Bella Thorne Says Tana Mongeau “Wants To Be Her”, Nasty Feud Escalates On Twitter!

Bella Thorne recently tweeted out that Tana Mongeau was so desperate for attention that she wanted to be her. Maybe I’m just not traveling in the right circles but it’s been a full minute and a half since we heard anything about Bella Thorne, she seems to have successfully migrated over onto OnlyFans where it would seem that the only people that really care about her content are her former stans.

I haven’t heard Tana mention a word about Bella Thorne, and I’ve been following Tana pretty regularly lately. However, Bella is under the impression that Tana wants to be her, so we’ll go with that for now.

Youtube – Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau fued over twitter

Tana took offense to this and said that she was ‘bazoinked’ and up until 5AM wondering how Bella could even think that.

We’re with you, Tana, because I have only heard Tana mention her own name and her own struggles in all of the podcasts and publicity she’s been doing lately, she might have casually mentioned that she and Bella dated at one point during one of these podcasts but that’s just a fact because they did date.

So now mentioning that you’ve dated someone is a ploy for attention? I fail to make the connection there.

The twitter fued escalated to Tana openly calling out Bella for her supposed project on OnlyFans. Last year, Bella said that she started OnlyFans to be able to promote sex work and normalize it so that people wouldn’t be so ashamed of it and that it wouldn’t be so ‘othered’, but we have yet to actually see her doing that and Tana totally called her out basically saying that she should promote the other workers on the site like she said she was going to, or she should give up the project altogether.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Tana, in this instance is right. Bella has made tons and tons and tons of money on OnlyFans that would otherwise be going to other influencers on the platform. She said last year that she did not mean to break OF by starting her account but the fact of the matter is, she kind of did.

OnlyFans really didn’t have a pricing cap before but now they do, and there were other guidelines instated after she made her account that people thought that were directly influenced by how much money she generated on the website. How did the fued end? Last I checked, these wo were still battling it out over twitter. Who’s going to win? Stay tuned!!!

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