Youtuber Tana Mongeau Reveals Ungodly Reason She Was So Opposed To Doctors – She Was Taking an Insane Amount of Drugs!

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So back when Tana was filming her reality TV show and Jordan was trying to take her to the doctor for the persistant, horrific cough that she had, Tana was triggered by doctors so much so to the point that she was being a horrible patient and ripping off blood-pressure cuffs in the office, she was also refusing to take any medication offered, even though the doctor basically said that all that was wrong with her was asthma and that she had to take an inhaler.

She decided that the doctor’s advice wasn’t important enough to be heeded and decided to disregard it completely.

Youtube – Why was Tana so opposed to doctors before?

She said that her fear of doctors came from a lot of childood trauma, and that whenever she would get sick when she was little and have to go to the doctor that her parents would yell at her and sounded like they would guilt-trip her for simply being human.

(You can’t help getting sick. Geeze.) While I don’t doubt that Tana has some major childhood trauma that helped contribute to her fear of doctors and the like, I also highly doubt that childhood trauma was the only contributing factor when it came to her ambivalance about her health in the past.

Tana said that while she was filming the reality TV show that she was constantly getting high and was doing too many drugs, anything to escape from reality, anything to “not be on this planet anymore”.

Tana has openly admitted to smoking pot in the past, but she has not really said anything about any other substances she may have been on. Usually, when a doctor does a blood or urine test, they test for any drugs in a person’s system.

While marijuana may be legal where Tana lives with the appropriate documentation, maybe she was on something different when Jordan was insisting that she go to the doctor and that was why she was being such a bad patient.

The thing is, Tana has told a kind of horrifying story about almost being arrested before a few years ago when she was much younger and in someone’s car who had a lot of drugs and drug paraphanalia, the police humiliated them.

So I’m pretty sure that she didn’t want a repeat performance of that storytime. (I must say, I watched that one when it first came out and found the whole thing a bit triggery and I’ve never even done any substances, yike!) So one can kind of see where she would be reluctant to want to go through that kind of thing again.

Still, you would think that maybe somewhere along the way maybe it would have occured to her that using drugs is a bad thing? But she did say that thanks to Vegas culture, she started to normalize substance abuse at a pretty young age. That’s.. sad. This interview was eye-opening, to say the least. Stay tuned!!!

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