Univision Médicos Spoilers: Big mistakes and painful blows


Univision Médicos spoilers reveal René Castillo (Rodrigo Murray) might have made a huge mistake. Meanwhile, Pamela Miranda (Lorena García) had a heart-breaking moment, plus even Ana Caballero (Grettell Valdez) has issue with René’s latest money-making decision.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Pushy

First, Médicos spoilers reveal Carlos Ibarra (Julián Gil) threw his weight around with Regina Villaseñor (Livia Brito), insisting his client had to be admitted to the Institute. Regina expressed some worries about the situation, but she had no choice. He threatened to sue the whole place. Then, Carlos moved on to someone else.

He went to René and offered him money for a couple of things. One, to allow Aureliano “El Ciego” Martínez (Axel Ricco) visitors. Second, to make sure only René and someone he trusts be the only ones who see any charts for Ciego. Not to mention care for him. To René’s credit, he did resist at first. However, the money ended up being too good. This did not go over well.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Big mistake

We have a feeling René just made the biggest mistake of his life. For one, Luis Galván (Carlos de la Mota) noticed René isn’t allowing anyone to see the chart and confronted him about it.

Plus, even Mireya Navarro (Erika de la Rosa) questioned the wisdom of this whole thing. Mainly, she’s not happy about being in charge of caring for a potentially dangerous man. We have a feeling this is going to blow up in his face so bad.

This is especially true when we saw how Ciego is using his visiting privileges. He’s essentially making illegal business deals inside the Institute. Eventually, this is going to come out.

When it does, expect René to be in a world of trouble. Especially since Gonzalo Olmedo’s (José Elías Moreno) attorney knows he’s there. There’s no way he won’t be looking into how this is going.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Painful blow

In other news, poor Pam got a major disappointment. After a long visit with Luz González (Dalilah Polanco), Carmen (Cynthia Klitbo) got to learn a lot about Pam’s childhood.

Luz even brought pictures and other mementos to show her. They also talked a bit about the procedure Pam intends to undergo to save Carmen’s life. This apparently ended up changing Carmen’s mind.

Pam had finished saying goodbye to the others, as she wouldn’t be able to return to work after. At least, not for a while and that loses her residency. However, she was in for a huge shock. When she went to Carmen’s room, Carmen wasn’t there.

She’d left a note for her daughter, obviously having decided not to disrupt Pam’s life any more than it already has. This devastated Pam, who wondered why it’s so easy to leave her. The good news was, she has her adoptive family—especially Luz—to look after her.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Tonight

Finally, Médicos spoilers reveal tonight’s episode will see more of why René might have made a mistake. It seems Michelle Salgado (Lucía Silva), one of the people Ciego met with, will accept his business deal.

Nothing like some drug deals to make a hospital look good, right? Meanwhile, we’ll see Susana Álvarez de Galván (Iliana Fox) admit she still loves Luis. We’ll also see a lot of drama at work, as Ana will sanction some doctors tonight.

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