Univision Médicos Spoilers: Crazy coincidences, regret, and going too far

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Univision Médicos spoilers reveal the Institute is heading for a lot of trouble. We can’t help wondering how soon until disaster strikes the place. Plus, we might just have a totally novela moment coming up with one of the patients and Cynthia Guerrero (Isabel Burr) might regret what she’s about to do. Let’s take a look at some of the big moments and where we think they might go.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Unrest

First, let’s deal with René Castillo (Rodrigo Murray). Médicos spoilers reveal this dude is not wasting a moment making his mark on the Institute. And not for the better.

Right off, he responded to the obvious unhappiness with his leadership by telling them they can walk whenever they like if his decisions bother them so much. He seems to understand he can’t just toss them all out at once—he’d be left with no one, and that’s not a good look.

However, he does want to get rid of most of them, starting with Regina Villaseñor (Livia Brito). We’ll see what he does to accomplish this. Right now, he’s busy gloating with Mireya Navarro (Erika de la Rosa) about his new power.

Meanwhile, he also set a policy that no one can stay in the hospital that is on level one in the economic studies. In other words? The poor can find somewhere else to heal. Obviously, the more selfless members of the staff aren’t happy to hear this, and we think René is walking a dangerous line.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Too far?

For example, there’s Gonzalo Olmedo (José Elías Moreno). The staff was already willing to quit over the unfair treatment he got. René upped the game Friday night. Technically, he followed policy.

For whatever weird reason, the Institute only allows one person to visit any patient at a time. Of course, we’ve never really seen that being enforced before. Both parents, for example, were in with Gabriel Galván Álvarez (Jaime Maqueo) in the days before he died.

And we’re pretty sure Sandra (Martha Julia) and Samantha (Mavi Navarro) were both in the room with Álvaro Rodrigo (Adalberto Parra) while he stayed at the Institute as well.

Of course, this is just a way to get Gonzalo out of their hair so René and Mireya can do as they please. This could backfire. Now we can understand if they meant overnighters as far as patient visitors.

However, this was during the day. Hearing Gonzalo was essentially thrown out like this could make the staff upset. Plus, Gonzalo will be more fired up than ever to prove René is behind that medicine appearing in Aurora’s (Frances Ondiviela) room.

If he’d been smart, he would have let this slide and kept a low profile. All he’s doing is putting a target on himself, while trying to act like he’s protecting Gonzalo.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Why me?

Elsewhere, Médicos spoilers reveal the subject of what’s going on came up with Cynthia. Along with the idea of talking to her parents about this. They’re patrons now, and should be aware. Cynthia was wary at first, but she did eventually place a call to her mother. They set up a breakfast the next morning. However, this might not work very well.

See, Constanza Madariaga de Castillo (Marisol del Olmo) and Patricia Guerrero (Eugenia Cauduro) are now buddies. They just happened to run into each other right after Cynthia’s call. Constanza was so thrilled with Rene’s victory, she couldn’t wait to share with her new bestie.

We can just imagine how the talk with Cynthia will go after this, because Patricia seemed genuinely happy for Constanza. We expect a lot of tension between mother and daughter over this, and Patricia might be reluctant to believe anything bad about her friend’s husband.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Totally novela

Finally, we might have one of the most telenovela plots on this show ahead. Remember Rafael “Rafa” Calderón’s (Federico Ayos) friend Carmen (Cynthia Klitbo)? The woman who overdosed? Well, she had a child she’d abandoned as a baby.

She didn’t believe she’d give a baby a good life, but the guilt eats at her and has for years. Pamela Miranda (Lorena García) took a personal interest in this woman and wants to help her find her daughter. Not just to give her peace, but for a possible organ donation as well. Carmen’s liver is shot.

While interviewing Carmen about this kid she abandoned, Cynthia noted that she and Carmen’s child share the same birth year. We remember some reference to Pamela’s parents not being her biological parents. So, how much should we bet on her being that abandoned baby?

It’s the kind of coincidence and crazy story that makes these shows so much fun. It’s very likely, and we do believe this will be proven. As for the donation? It should happen, but there will likely be a bit of angst around it.

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