Univision Médicos spoilers: Huge changes and racing the clock

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Médicos spoilers reveal René Castillo (Rodrigo Murray) has another plan for the Institute, and it’s not a good one. Plus, Ana Caballero (Grettell Valdez) had a proposition while Luis Galván (Carlos de la Mota) reached out for help. We also saw some relationship drama and a search. Here’s what you need to know, as well as a few thoughts on what’s up tonight.

Médicos spoilers: Too far

First, we’ve got René. Médicos spoilers reveal this guy just keeps proving himself to be the wrong choice, and his latest is, in our opinion, unethical. Fraud.

What’d he do? Well, he ordered a daily report on the patients coming into the ER. Not bad in itself. However, it’s part of a new scheme. He actually lectured Regina Villaseñor (Livia Brito) for, you know, doing her job. As in, heal the people and let them leave. Assuming, of course, they’re able to. Apparently, no one required a hospital stay, and he didn’t like that. He basically ordered Regina to keep people who didn’t have to stay admitted so he can charge them more money.

Obviously, Regina wanted nothing to do with that. If they don’t have a medical need to stay, she sees no reason to keep someone in a room and charge them. We find it not surprising he’d think of another money-making scheme. However, we find it hilarious he’s practically begging to make people stay when he was complaining before about people staying too long. Of course, then he wasn’t in charge and couldn’t make the poor pay in full. She refused and challenged him to fire her. He clearly won’t do it. At least, not yet.

Médicos spoilers: Reconciliation

Speaking of this whole mess, Gonzalo Olmedo (José Elías Moreno) had to wait outside because of policy. We’d thought it was a previous thing, but from last night’s episode, it appears this is something René decided on just because. It did do one good thing. His son, Felipe Olmedo (Joshua Gutiérrez), feels horrible about the way his father’s being treated. He even handed Gonzalo his pass so they can both have time with Aurora (Frances Ondiviela). This led to a great moment between Gonzalo and the ex.

Médicos spoilers reveal she has learned something from her health crisis. She made a huge mistake years ago by thinking Javier (Fabián Pizzorno) would give her and Felipe the better life. He abandoned her, while Gonzalo lost everything trying to help them. She feels so guilty, she’s barely got an appetite. However, Gonzalo assured her everything will work out. And we think it will, but things won’t be the same after. For one, Gonzalo’s got his family back. Also, the Institute will be rocked when Gonzalo finally clears his name.

Médicos spoilers: Reaching out

Also, we saw Luis reaching out again. His attempt to talk to Susana Álvarez de Galván (Iliana Fox) didn’t work out, so he turned back to Paulina Serrano (Laura Carmine). This time, they came close to kissing. Despite this, he didn’t turn away from her. And her presence really helped. Even Arturo Molina (Rodolfo Salas) noticed.

Medicos spoilers: The search

Elsewhere, we saw René cause Pamela Miranda (Lorena García) a panic. He wanted to see Carmen’s (Cynthia Klitbo) chart and was about to toss her out of the Institute. As far as he’s concerned she’s a junkie with no resources and the Institute isn’t a charity. She’s gotta go.

To avoid this, Pamela lied and claimed Carmen’s daughter will be there in a couple of days. She’ll not only donate part of her liver, but she’ll also surely pay for everything. This means Pamela has to do some fast detective work if she’ll find the daughter in time. Gonzalo’s only giving her two days. Judging by the promo, she either finds out she’s the daughter, or she’s so under pressure she has to confide in a fellow doctor about it.

Médicos spoilers: Tienes que cambiar

Also, we’ve got Regina and David Paredes (Daniel Arenas). She found out about the fight with the loan shark and she’s worried. She doesn’t want David to keep using violence to solve problems. It’s not the way to get things done, and she’s afraid he’ll get seriously hurt one day. Expect this to get worse before it gets better.

Médicos spoilers: Offer

Finally, there’s an offer on the table. René wants Ana to fill his old post. She didn’t look very happy about the idea last night. At least, at first. But the promo tonight makes it appear she will accept the position. And we think jealousy and annoyance with Regina might be a big factor. They’ve never gotten along, so this would put her above Regina. Plus, she’d be in a position where she could make life difficult for Regina’s area, as she’s always felt the ER always gets everything, while her consultation area suffers.

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