Univision Médicos Spoilers: Chaos ensues!

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Univision Médicos spoilers reveal a big change happened at the Institute, and it’s not good for Regina Villaseñor (Livia Brito). Meanwhile, Luis Galván (Carlos de la Mota) is moving on as well as he can, while Pamela Miranda (Lorena García) is conflicted over what she learned. Let’s see what happened and what could be ahead.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Change in guard

First, Médicos spoilers reveal Ana Caballero (Grettell Valdez) accepted René Castillo’s (Rodrigo Murray) offer. And this girl wasted no time in being as vindictive as possible. She just can’t get it through her head that emergency care is (and should) be the priority of the Institute.

Worse yet, she refuses to see how people are trying to help her area. Put that together with her feelings for David Paredes (Daniel Arenas) and she made René look generous by comparison.

Ana asked Regina to come by her office. During the meeting, she slashed Regina’s ER resources by 30%. And she didn’t give any you-know-what’s about any arguments Regina might have.

In fact, she dismissed her with such a smug look, we wouldn’t mind seeing Regina slap it off her sometime. Besides that, she made it clear that David had to be in her former consultation department at least a couple of days a week. That should make tonight a lot of fun…

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Conflicting feelings

Next, we’ve got Pamela. She’s determined to help Carmen (Cynthia Klitbo) and asked Regina for a day off so she can search around the church this daughter was supposedly left.

She had a lot of bad luck, but she knew one of these organizations had to be the one who handled Carmen’s daughter. She was right. The search wasn’t easy—these things are confidential. So all they can tell Pamela is whether or not the place had a child there of a certain age at a certain time.

Eventually, one did have what she needed. The same one she was adopted from. And that was the only baby of that age there at the time. Put that together with them both having AB blood, and she is pretty sure Carmen’s her biological mother.

The thing is, she isn’t sure how to feel about that. She has a mother, and she feels like going after this proof is wrong. But Tania Olivares (Scarlet Gruber), a fellow resident, convinced her it’s better than living in doubt.

And it won’t change the relationship she has with her adopted mother. So, she allowed Tania to take a sample from Carmen without her knowing what she was actually doing. We imagine it won’t take long for those results and we’re pretty sure it’s a match.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Also, Mireya Navarro (Erika de la Rosa) had an evil plan. She and René want to get rid of Regina, for sure. And others who are Gonzalo Olmedo (José Elías Moreno) loyalists. So, she had an idea about how to make Regina look bad. It was extremely risky, and she’s lucky David did what she obviously expected.

She switched information about a patient that David was taking care of while Regina had to meet Ana. This had Mireya almost injecting the patient with the wrong med.

What she would’ve done if David hadn’t noticed, we’re not sure. The point is, she blamed the mistake in the papers on Arturo Molina (Rodolfo Salas) and a huge fight ensued. One several patrons of the hospital happened to see. Tonight, Regina will be forced to fire David over this.

She’ll also end her relationship with him, which makes sense. She’d just got done telling him how he needed to change his way of dealing with things and what happened? David went back to the same impulsive defenses.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Useless effort

In other Médicos spoilers, that meeting between Cynthia Guerrero (Isabel Burr) and Patricia Guerrero (Eugenia Cauduro) went about as bad as expected. Constanza Madariaga de Castillo (Marisol del Olmo) was there for it and neither one seemed to take her insisting Gonzalo has to be innocent seriously.

Will she try again? We’ll have to wait and see. But she did apologize to Regina for it not going well. One thing we’re sure of, Constanza will report this meeting to René.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Moving forward

Finally, Luis came back to work. Of course, Rene was less than welcoming. He basically made it clear that he won’t tolerate Luis taking off here and there as his personal drama dictates.

Tonight, we should see Luis getting a bit closer to Paulina Serrano (Laura Carmine). Again, we’re not sure that’s a good idea, and it will probably end badly.

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