British Royal Family News: Prince William Missed An Important Meeting In Favour Of Recording Podcast


British royal family news has revealed that Prince William was having so much fun with Peter Crouch and the rest of the That Peter Crouch Podcast team a few weeks ago that he was forced to cancel a meeting that he should have been attending.

The revelation was made by Yahoo, who claims that the Duke of Cambridge should have been in a meeting with somebody else.

The announcement that Prince William missed another engagement was made by one of the hosts of the podcast, Chris Stark. Stark typically works as a DJ for BBC Radio 1, and was talking about the meeting with royalty recently.

He revealed that a member of William’s staff came into the room during the filming and told William that he had another meeting coming up.

British Royal Family News: William Didn’t Attend Other Meeting

Stark revealed in the discussion that the podcast team were only meant to get 45 minutes with the future king. However, they got much longer than that allotted time, as the Duke continued to talk with the team after the 45 minutes had expired. Stark revealed that they spoke for a couple of hours in the end about everything.

He also revealed that they had a couple of beers while they were talking. Stark revealed that an aid come into the room and told William that he had another meeting coming up, but the Duke turned round and asked for the aid to delay the meeting for another date.

British Royal Family News: Stark Reveals Dress Code Mishap

Stark also revealed that he didn’t show up in the right dress code when they attended the palace, as he admitted that he was dressed too casually. It was also suggested that William may have used the aid as a way to get out of the meeting if he wasn’t having a good time. However, William’s rejection for the meeting showed that he had an enjoyable experience talking to the podcast team.

The podcast was one of the engagements that William attended in a way to spread the awareness for the work that Heads Up were doing within the world of football. The campaign has been aimed at helping men talk more openly and honestly about their mental health throughout the 2019-20 season.

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