YouTube Shane Dawson Gets Cancelled Amidst Controversy Over Racist Jokes, Dropped By Major Brands!

Man, Shane Dawson is getting cancelled all over, you’d almost think that this was 2009 or something, but no, it took a little over a decade but Shane Dawson, the shocking youtuber that got seemingly got away with a bunch of crass and racist humor in the past now has his very own day of reckoning to deal with. He is being dropped by all of the brands that were sponsoring him. Target was first out of the gate, they said that because they wanted all of their guests to feel welcome, that they would stop carrying Shane’s books and merch in their stores. Okay, fair enough, Target is a family oriented brand and with as controversial as he’s been, you kind of can’t blame them for pulling his merchandise.

YouTube: Shane Dawson dropped!

Morphe, the company that released his Conspiracy makeup palette, no longer sells his product in their stores or online. While they have not publicly addressed this yet (they could have just sold out) it does seem that on the website and in the stores that all merch relating to Shane Dawson is indeed gone. Youtube was next to chime in with Shane’s cancellization by demonetizing all of his youtube accounts. So that means that no longer will he be making money off those old slime videos or whatever else he’s posted. Shane had 3 channels, his ShaneDawsonTV channel, which has since been deleted, his Shane Channel which is his main channel and where he keeps all his documentaries and other things, and his new ShaneGlossin channel which was supposed to house his makeup looks but got turned into a weird vlogging channel instead. (Probably because after what went down, Tati Westbrook refused to teach him how to do makeup.)

When we last checked one of his other channels dedicated to the racist caricature of Shanenaynay was still up, but that could have been taken down by now, we’re not sure. Either way you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s no longer monetized. Shane made a self-fulfilling prophecy on his last video, he said that if all of his fame and money went away that he would be okay with it, that he would deserve that and it looks like that may be what’s happening. He said that he should never have been making racist jokes or inappropriate jokes about children in the first place and yeah, I agree, he shouldn’t have. I’m actually amazed it got him this far, but it just goes to show that bad things have to run out of steam sometime. We’ll keep abreast of these developments, stay tuned!!!

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