Youtuber Shane Dawson Violates Social Distancing, Throws Party For Trisha Paytas!

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It’s a well known fact that youtuber Shane Dawson is a friend of professional trainwreck–excuse me, youtuber–Trisha Paytas. They’ve been good friends for awhile, since he reached out to Trisha a long time ago when she was at the height of her heyday… or perhaps we should call it her ‘h8day’ because infamous troll Trisha used to receive a whole lot of hate. In the beginning she came off as someone who just may not have known any better, but now, we know better. Trisha is not some sheltered, well-meaning blonde chick from the midwest, she is just a troll and recently she’s ramped up her activity and it’s… not a good luck. Trust me.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when Trisha decides to use a pandemic to milk some attention out of the internet. She could have done just about anything, she could have made another troll video about her life and her ‘conditions’ (which will remain nameless but longtime viewers will know exactly what I’m talking about), but nope, she decided to focus her attention getting to twitter. Simply because youtube servers probably would have melted down after the amount of hate she would have received if she had posted actual video of this event.

Youtuber Shane Dawson violates social distancing

It looks like, Shane Dawson and his fiance Ryland Adams along with soon-to-be sister in law Morgan Adams, all got together and threw Trisha a birthday party. Normally, this would have not been news, but in the midst of COVID-19 we have to admit that maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t the smartest of moves. They were all wearing masks and gloves and being ‘safe’ about things but the timing of the celebration as well as the fact that he had just tweeted days before that he and Ryland were being super careful about everything just seemed a little insensitive on his part.

Especially considering that some of his viewers are probably immuno-compromised and can’t even see their own family right now, or are essential workers being kept away from their family for the same reasons. There are people whose family members have died that they can’t even say goodbye at the hospital due to this virus, there have been instances of funerals being put on hold due to this and Trisha was complaining about not being able to have a birthday party? I get that social distancing is tough but the whole thing was just kind of ludicrous and insensitive in the face of those who are actually experiencing real hardships due to social distancing. Hopefully, Shane, Trisha, and everyone involved has learned their lesson. Sure it’s okay to go hang out with friends but maybe not go around tweeting about it? Trisha has since deleted the tweet but did they actually really learn anything from this experience? Stay tuned!!!

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