Why Is YouTuber Trisha Paytas Afraid To Call Out Jeffree Star For Awful Body-shaming?

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YouTuber Trisha Paytas has been cancelled in the past over being problematic and if she is actively hurting people and spreading misinformation then, okay, she’s kind of asking for it, however most recently rumors have been swirling that Trisha may have been cancelled by one of her friend group for merely existing! Not that we’re taking sides here but… exactly how is that fair? Also apparently she won’t call out this friend for being shady towards her because he is a name bigger than she is, and that is Jeffree Star.

In the world before COVID-19, Jeffree, Trisha, and a lot of their other friend group took a trip to Las Vegas on Valentine’s day. Trisha did nothing but brag on Jeffree the entire time, saying how great he treated them all and how he had taken care of everything at the hotel (I’m assuming she means expense-wise), but it looks like that may have just been Trisha’s way of sucking up because according to another one oc their friend group, Tab, who made a video that is now deleted, detailed all the shade that Jeffree threw at Trisha behind her back when she wasn’t in the room.

YouTuber Trisha Paytas afraid to call out Jeffree Star for bodyshaming!

Jeffree proceeded to throw all kinds of body-shaming shade at her, calling her fat, insulting her hair, making fun of her skin. It wasn’t even for her content, or being problematic or hurting other people, no Jeffree just decided that Trisha should be crucified for her physical appearance. It would be one thing if he were trying to help her improve her looks, seeing as he is a beauty guru, but  nope, Jeffree was not trying to improve Trisha at all, he was simply yucking it up with their friend group as he tore Trisha down. I guess he can’t really judge her on being a good person however because there is so much evidence to the contrary in his own direction! But I digress.

As a result, Trisha left the trip early. She said that what he said had nothing to do with the fact that she left early but there is also the rumor going around that Trisha is simply afraid to call hik out. You would think that after going up against David Dobrik and other famous people alike in her videos that she wouldn’t be afraid of someone like Jefree Star but it looks like the makeup guru has some kind of clout that Trish is afraid to mess with. How sad is it that Trish can’t find it within her to call out Jeffree for fear of being permanently cancelled by his stans. Poor Trish, she can be problematic but no one deserves to be bodyshamed. Stay tuned for updates on this situation.

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