James Charles VS Tati/Jeffree Star: The Phenomenal of Getting Cancelled In the Youtube Beauty Community!

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As we all know, last year James Charles got cancelled. What we mean by that is that he had a really huge scandal where he got outed for all of his sins by Tati, a female beauty youtuber, and then Jeffree Star leapt onto the bandwagon, which just seemed to complete the cancellation. I never actually understood what the deal was with James Charles being cancelled, I suppose I should go and watch the videos again and thoroughly do my research, but that’s not what this article is about. This article is about the phenomena of getting cancelled itself.

When a youtuber is cancelled, they start losing subscribers by the thousands and this is a bad thing. A youtube channel always depends on its following and when subscribers start bailing, that means the views go down and when the views go down the ad revenue goes down and when the ad revenue goes down… you get the picture. Right now, there is some fall-out from the whole cancelling James Charles thing happening on Tati’s channel. It looks like she is losing subscribers, at least 1K daily, from her follower count. I follow Tati and have not unsubscribed but what kind of floors me is how willing these people are to shoot the messenger.

The phenomenon of getting cancelled in the Youtube Beauty Community

Tati just informed the beauty community of the kind of person James Charles actually is, she didn’t do the crimes herself, but yet… when it comes down to it, she was the one to suffer because… reasons? I’m not entirely sure. It looks like in this cancel culture a lot of female youtubers get cancelled and stay cancelled, but yet male youtubers seem to have slightly more forgiving audience and are given at least a second chance. Look at Jeffree Star, as problematic as his past as been, his audience has largely bounced back and he’s doing better than ever, but Tati is still losing followers. It’s a phenomenon that is strange, to say the least.

So, why are we letting boys be boys, but coming down hard on female youtubers? Tati isn’t the only one feeling the burn, another youtuber, Lorelei, who did a palette with party city last year is also still feeling the burn. Her channel is slowly recovering but she is nowhere near the subscriber count that she had before her scandal broke. So what’s the deal here, why can male youtubers get away with it and females can’t? Has youtube turned into the next glass ceiling? Stay tuned!

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