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Check Out The Netflix True Crime Series Murder Maps

Netflix ‘Murder Maps’ Spoilers: Check Out The Netflix True Crime Series


Netflix ‘Murder Maps’ spoilers finds that it’s time for more Netflix true crime with the series Murder Maps. If you like docu-series with seasons, Murder Maps is a good show to check out. This show is about the other murderers and serial killers around when Jack the Ripper was terrorizing Whitechapel.  

Netflix ‘Murder Maps’ Spoilers: Murder Maps In A Nutshell 

At least the first season is about a few contemporaries who slipped under the true crime radar. Sure, the press of the time detailed them and true crime fanatics would be familiar with a few but Jack the Ripper was the focus of late 19th century London. It’s like if a show was based around American murderers during the time of H.H Holmes. You know the marquee story now learn about these other ones that were going on. 

Netflix ‘Murder Maps’ Spoilers: Check Out The Netflix True Crime Series

Other seasons expand the time period to cover other notorious murders in London. Watching it lets you know just how dangerous the city was at the time and after. British actor Nicholas Day (New Tricks) hosts the show and is one of the stars.  

He doesn’t even do much on screen. He’s in his library, sets up each story, then gives the epilogue. The thing is that it works. This role is key to the story just like other hosts of true crime shows. I’m not going to lie folks; Day came out of nowhere and hit my top five presenters. Paul Winfield, Bill Kurtis, and Keith Morrison are safe. 

As with docu-series, you need the experts to discuss these things in depth. It’s a Netflix true crime staple. Murder Maps has the experts on deck and they’re not the driest experts. Sometimes you get very knowledgeable but boring people on to go into things. Then you get Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio A. Tsuokalos: enthusiastic about the topic, involved in the field and research of the topic, and just…so enthusiastic to the point of it being inspiring. 

Netflix ‘Murder Maps’ Spoilers: Netflix True Crime Verdict – 8/10 

Murder Maps works for your Netflix true crime fix if you’re more into TV-style presentation. If you dig the ID Channel, you’ll take to this show. Most of the true crime we’ve presented is documentary-style so it can be a bit to digest. Murder Maps allows you to binge it in full or come back to it and not miss anything.  

Also, the scenes aren’t chilling or overly violent. Also, the reenactments are done well. It’s something that can make or break a true crime TV series. Trust me, I’ve been taking out of the story in a few episodes of Deadly Women or Fatal Attraction.  If you need another show to get you through this quarantine, hit play on Murder Maps. 

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