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Netflix True Crime: The Keepers

Netflix True Crime: The Keepers!


Let’s dive into some more Netflix True Crime. This time we’re looking at The Keepers. Just like Wormwood, it’s a docu-series that goes through time and has a ton of revelations and cover-ups. It also deals with the very sensitive issue of child molestation, intimidation, murder, and religion being the tool to allow both to happen. 

Netflix True Crime: The Case 

Father Joseph Maskell was a counselor at Archbishop Keough High School from 1967 to 1975. In that time, it is alleged that he sexually abused mostly female students, threatened them to keep their silence, and eventually murdered a sister—Cathy Cesnik—in 1969.  

He was also fingered as being involved in the disappearance and murder of Joyce Malecki that same month. His supposed involvement with the Malecki murder came after a Baltimore County police investigation. It was shown that he was very familiar with her. 

The Keepers would reignite interest in the case and lead to the Archdiocese being asked about its role in moving Maskell around afterward. With the number of former students who came forward and Maskell dying before anyone got answers, it’s one of the murkiest cases I’ve viewed. That murkiness doesn’t come from the students’ claims but how protected Maskell was following the allegations. Also, there’s the issue of alleged police involvement in covering for Maskell in 1969. 

I’d say that the best way to wrap your way around how is to understand the role religion had in the community. Many students and their parents were Catholic. Not only that but they like sat in on services led by Maskell. To say that this leader of the church, school, and community was capable of this was unthinkable. The victims often couldn’t bring themselves to tell their parents. 

The belief is that Maskell was aware of the power his position gave him and he took advantage of it. 

Netflix True Crime: The Keepers

All of this makes for a very touchy and uncomfortable story. However, the documentary shines a light on things in a very tasteful way. Former students/victims were interviewed and they’re all believable. Their recollections are vivid and disturbing.  The Keepers follows two students who were close to Cesnik—Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Fitzgerald Schaub—and they are diligent. Reporter Tom Nugent, one of the first to break the story in press is interviewed and his recollection was also sharp and added to the series. In viewing The Keepers it made me wonder how something like this could be covered up for so long. The answer was “Easily.” 

Netflix True Crime: 10/10 

The Keepers is a must-watch for true crime fanatics. It runs for seven parts and similar to Wormwood each part peels away at the story before stopping short at the definite conclusion. Making A Murderer was my first Netflix true crime series but The Keepers had me seeking similar series and looking into the case myself. I highly recommend this one.   For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.