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Danna Paola in "Sodio"

Netflix Élite Spoilers: Danna Paola’s 2020 Includes Elite season 3 and new music!

Netflix Élite Spoilers indicate that Danna Paola, elite star is keeping busy. Recently, the actress appeared as Mónica Hernández on La Doña, prior to resuming her role as Lucrecia “Lu” Montesinos Hendrich in the recently-release third season of Elite. But she’s got more going on than that. In fact, the actress is a singer as well. And she just released a new video. Here’s what you need to know.

Danna Paola Elite Star: the singer

The actress isn’t new to the music business, or singing. Her bio indicates several releases as a child, as well as transitioning to a teen/adult artist. But she’s also taken on theatre roles, such as Elphaba in Mexico’s production of Wicked. As time goes on, this actress is crossing over into more media and getting more of a mainstream profile. So, what’s her latest project?

Danna Paola Elite Star: Sodio

On March 19th, Danna Paola released her latest single, Sodio. The title is interesting, as it translates to “Sodium”. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who has “one less boyfriend, one more friend.” The implication of the lyrics is the one she loves loves another man, and she’s tired of the story. She’s ready to face the truth and see him happy.

The track goes from slow to a harder beat in the chorus, and is made for dancing. In fact, one comment on the video suggests a Sodio challenge, where people recreate the dance moves in the video. Sounds like a great way to pass the time to us.

Danna Paola Elite Star: Starring Danna Paola

The video has a dramatic movie feel, as it both begins and ends like a movie, with Paola giving a voice over in the beginning. The action is set on a beach, and Paola goes from dancing with backup dancers to being a mermaid in the ocean. It’s an interesting visual that fits the moody, dramatic feel of the song. While we’re generally not fans of dialogue in videos, keeping it limited to the very beginning worked well, and kept from distracting from the music.

Danna Paola Elite Star:  Sie7e

The song comes from the recently reissued Sie7e (Seven). Originally released last year, wiki says it was re-issued this past February. The album’s currently available for streaming on Spotify, and one can find a lot of the songs on her official YouTube. Check it out and see a different side to the actress who plays on Elite. And stay tuned, because we’ll be sharing some thoughts on the latest season. Rumor has it this may be the last one for the current cast, so enjoy them while they’re there. And stay tuned for any new news about the series.

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