‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Will Friday, January 3rd see Valentin’s downfall?

‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal the new year is off to an interesting start in Port Charles. We have a wedding that’s sure to end in disaster, and some family issues at the Quartermaine’s. We’ve also got bad news for JaSam while another character is hopeful. Let’s take a look at the preview and some teasers for tomorrow.

‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Hopeful

At least one character in town is in a good place this first week of the new year. ‘General Hospital’spoilers indicate that Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) says she has a feeling 2020 will be even better. 2019 was a tough year in some respects for her. While she’s found a new relationship with her mother and happy with Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard), she also had to deal with Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) drama, and Lucas Jones’ (Ryan Carnes) accident. It looks like she’s choosing to focus on the good things in life. We like her, so we’re hoping for this to be true. Although, we do suspect she’ll learn about the baby swap before too long.

‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Trouble at home

Christmas at the Quartermain house might have only been the beginning of the drama. Which, by the way, we loved. Tracy and Monica Quartermaine (Jane Elliot and Leslie Charleson) going back and forth was gold. But, New Years’ will surely be just as good. ‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate that Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) tells Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) that Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) made her bed and now she has to lie in it. We’re guessing this refers to her creative and professional frustrations after signing with a new manager.

‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Favors

In other news, the preview shows Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) says he could really use a favor from Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson). We’re not sure what this favor is, but we aren’t expecting any drama for these two. They’ve been doing pretty well. If there’s one thing that might be an issue, it’s her conflict with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). He might be trying to get her to forget the wedding that day.

‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Bad day ahead?

It looks like January 3rd will be a bad day for the Cassadine/Reeves wedding. There will be drama between Laura Webber (Genie Francis) and Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan). It seems that like it or not, Lulu has to accept it. Is she referring to the wedding, or will she bring up Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma)? We know Laura is confused after Thursday’s episode. Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) mentioned Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) ring, something not in the picture from Lulu’s phone.

Elsewhere, General Hospital spoilers reveal Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) warns Nina if she takes out Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) now, she’ll take out Charlotte. Interesting that he mentions that now. He was, after all, part of the ever-growing list of people trying to take Valentin down. It seems this won’t go well, because teasers indicate Jax is at a loss. Of course, Nina might be the least of Valentin’s potential problems.

Thursday, Valentin shoved Ava Jerome (Maura West) into the water at Wyndemere. ‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate Charlotte wants know what Valentin is doing out there. Oops. Is it time for Charlotte’s hero worship to fade?

‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Good news/bad news

The good news was Sam McCall’s (Kelly Monaco) miracle release for Christmas. He bad news is, it seems her parole won’t allow her to be with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Friday, she’ll ask if there’s any way they can fight what obviously happened Thursday, January 2nd when the parole officer asked about where Jason lives. Since teasers say Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) confirms the worst while Jason accepts his fate, we assume there’s one more obstacle keeping this pair apart in 2020.

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