‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is The Quartermaine Mansion Remodeling?

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‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers is saying that Quartermaine Mansion has been around forever and it needed a remodel. When Tracy arrived for Christmas, she was quite surprised to see what the mansion looked like. The mansion had been remodeled and she began to see the new additions as soon as she walked in the door. Tracy was in shock when she walked inside the mansion. First, the foyer was different. Followed by the living room.

Tracy was confused at first and she wanted to find out what was going on to the mansion she called home for so long. Tracy first yelled out to the others. Brook Lynn was the first Quartermaine to greet her grandmother. Tracy was very concerned as to what happened to the mansion. Brook Lynn loved it and expressed her adoration for the remodel. Tracy clearly was less than pleased.

‘General Hospital’Spoilers: Is Quartermaine Mansion Remodeling?

The mansion has needed a remodel for quite some time. This remodel gave the mansion a different look altogether. Several GH fans noticed the foyer and there was a staircase added to one side of it. Fans also noticed the new decorations that have been added to the mansion as well. the mansion has been remodeled to show a much more modern and clean look. There are a lot of golds, whites, grays, and lighter colors throughout the home. It makes the mansion brighter and gives it a more cheerful look about it. It needed to have some upgrades for sure and the remodel is what it needed.

The foyer is much brighter with a few dark pieces in it, and the staircase is grand and it winds upwards. For fans who did not notice, the staircase now has leopard print carpet as well. There is also an amazing geometric chandelier that was added to the foyer. The living room has been remodeled and the bookshelves that are built into the walls are a great addition to it as well. The light paint gives it more of a home feel to it as well. The light furniture makes it much more inviting as well. The living room was opened up and there are two doors in it. One door comes from the foyer and the other door is leading into another room.

The covers to all of the books on the shelves are white. This gives the room a clean and modern look as well. The fireplace mantel is new and very simple. It has a small number of details in the wood. There is a vase with white flowers on it as well. It is not too gaudy and very simple this time. The sofa in the living room is dark, but it is complemented with gold and light pillows. You can also see the new doors that lead to the outside patio. The mansion looks great and fans seem to be very pleased with the new changes. To see the new mansion on GH, tune into ABC weekdays. Check your local listings for times.

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