‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Could Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) Be Brought Back From the Dead?

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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Could Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) Be Brought Back From the Dead?

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Those were the good old ‘Days’ – What If Bo Brady Never Died

‘Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) Spoilers find that a lot of us have been reminiscing lately, thinking back to the good ol’ days of ‘Days of Our Lives’ and remembering Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) and Hope Brady (Kristian-Joy Alfonso). Perhaps all this nostalgia was ushered in by the celebration that John Black (Donald Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena Evans (Deidre Ann Hall) were having recently.

After all, they’ve been together just about as long as Bo and Hope – or actually, maybe Bo and Hope would have been together just a tad bit longer. Either way, both couples have been together since I was a very small child. And that begs the question, what if Bo Brady had managed to overcome his brain tumor and lived. Would he and Hope even still be together? Us old school shippers would long for that, in fact a lot of us still long for that. (I’d love that!) But in Salem relationships, even good ones, have a way of not really lasting forever… even those couples that seem to stay together for ages.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Ted might never have found his way into Hope’s bed – or would he?

But since Bo isn’t here, we can’t really speculate on whether or not he and Hope would be together or not. What we do know is, Hope’s marriage to Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) would have never happened, because she would’ve been with Bo. Also, the whole mess with Ted Laurent (Gilles Marini) would have never happened because, again, she would’ve been with Bo. Or would it?

Ted seemed to have been a pretty smooth talker in life, and while Rafe was no Bo when it came to keeping Hope’s attention, Ted managed to have some level of je ne sai quoi that Hope found attractive, so maybe the whole mess with Ted would have happened but the fact of the matter is that if they had been together, Bo and Hope probably would have found their way back to each other in the end – and Ted would have still ended up shot by Tony because no matter what Hope’s relationship status was, Ted wasn’t all that great of a guy to begin with.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Could Bo possibly save Ben and Ciara?

The one thing that I don’t think would be happening now if Bo was alive would be the whole thing with Ben Wenston (Robert Scott Wilson) and Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) and now, Victor Kiriakis (John Anthony Aniston). Even though Ben was a serial killer and made trouble in Salem and Bo was a cop, there was a time in his life when Bo was a bad boy.

I think he probably could have appreciated and maybe, just maybe could have identified with Ben Weston just a little bit. Would he have approved of him dating his daughter? Okay, maybe not so much at first. But would he have been willing to break Ciara’s heart and get Ben killed for family loyalty? I really don’t think so.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Bo knows what its like

Simply because Bo would have known what it was like to be the man that Daddy hated. After all, the first time he and Hope were about to make love, they gave Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) a heart attack! Do I think he would’ve given Ben a hard time? Certainly.

But I think he would have made Grand daddy Victor back off when it came to Ciara’s happiness. After all, who is Crime Boss Victor Kiriakis to judge? Look at all the things he’s done for money and he’s just mad because Ben offed a few people for free? Or is he just mad because he didn’t happen upon him first? But I digress.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Could Bo have prevented Crazy Claire?

Just speculation here, but I think if Bo had lived then Hope would be a lot happier, but I also think that Ciara’s happiness wouldn’t be in question right now. I think that Bo would see that Ben is trying to be a better person and overcome his past, and he would have certainly seen the good in him after saving Ciara’s life and the life of Julie Williams.

Speaking of saving Ciara’s life.. would Claire Brady have gone off the rails if Grandpa Bo had been around? That’s some food for thought right there. Perhaps he could’ve kept an eye on things, but even eagle-eyed police commissioner wife Hope couldn’t keep that much of an eye on Claire so who knows? Maybe two heads would’ve been better than one in this instance.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Can Bo Brady Be Brought Back To DOOL?

However, considering just how many people have been brought back from the dead lately, it wouldn’t be too far off to assume that Dr. Rolf (William Utay) could have done something about Bo as well. The question is.. would he want to?

Looks like all of his resurrection projects as of late have been aligned with the DiMera family in some way and from the history we can clearly see that Bo is now nor has ever been positively aligned with that family. So for now it looks like he’s staying gone… unless its in a dream sequence of Hope’s and we haven’t had one of those yet. Will they ever bring Bo back? Guess we’ll have to stay tuned!!!

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