‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dev or Cameron, Who’s Next For Joss? Here’s What You Need To Know!

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Dev or Cameron, Who's Next For Joss? Here's What You Need To Know!

‘Genera Hospital’ (GH) spoilers indicate that now that Oscar Nero Quartermaine (Garren Stitt)  (GH) has passed away, there is a vacancy in Josslyn Jacks’ (Eden McCoy) heart. And all arrows seem to point to two man-cubs who will be vying for this one, fair lady. Now, it’s a little soon for speculation, after all, Oscar hasn’t been gone all that long and Josslyn is still reeling from his loss. However, even Oscar wouldn’t want his girl to grieve forever over him. So for when the appropriate amount of time has passed in Soap Opera country, let’s do a little speculation about what will happen when Josslyn finally decides she is ready to move.

General Hospital Spoilers: Who’s Next For Josslyn?

In this corner, we have the boy next door. The guy who’s known Josslyn practically all her life. The one that Mom and Dad would probably approve of, and the one that she has the most in common with. Cameron Webber (William Lipton)! He is the son of Elizabeth Webber and Zander Smith and sure, he was conceived via a one-night-stand but he had a father figure, and that was Lucky Spencer. According to some sources, he gets his personality from his Mom.

The most important feature here though is familiarity. This is the guy that Josslyn has grown up with, the guy that, outside of Oscar she is most familiar with and would probably have the most in common with. They say the best relationships aren’t based on opposites attracting, but rather the ones that have more in common with each other. Also, they trust each other, which is a good basis for any relationship.

Cam has a lot of brownie points in this area, but sometimes a girl wants to branch out, walk on the wild side. That’s where we come to… Dev (What’s his last name again?) In this corner, we have Dev. (Ashton Arbab) The new guy! The mysterious stranger. The weirdo who was caught breaking into Lulu’s place. Ah, what a love story to tell, “I fell in love the moment she first threatened me with the cops!”, okay maybe that’s not quite the kind of love story we’re looking for.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Joss Could Go For Dev

Dev is a new guy, nothing much is known about him, only that her Stepfather, Sonny is friends with him and apparently trusts him enough to keep him from being deported back to his home country where he would certainly be killed. The good thing is about Dev, is that he has proven himself quite heroic in the past, he made armed guards chase him so that Sonny could sneak inside the compound where Dante was being held in order to get him out. If Dev hadn’t been quick-thinking, then that story might have taken a totally different and possibly sadder direction. One can only imagine what he would do if he were actually in love with someone.

Thing is, however, is that Josslyn doesn’t trust him. Sure, she could grow to trust him (and I’m going to call it now), but that could take time, and let’s face it the kids aren’t really into long courtships nowadays. So unless he really does something heroic, or maybe helps her in some way with her newfound spiritual quests, I don’t know if the sparks will fly just yet.

Whoever Joss chooses, at least the journey will be interesting. Wouldn’t you agree? Stay tuned!