‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Channels His Inner Stone Cold, Gets Within Striking Distance Of Baby Wiley Truth!

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'General Hospital' Spoilers: Michael Channels His Inner Stone Cold, Gets Within Striking Distance Of Baby Wiley Truth!

‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal a surprise about Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy), finds Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) thinking fast to save Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), and leads to more concerns for Kim Nero’s (Tamara Braun) mental state. If you missed the General Hospital spoilers, let’s catch you up.

‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers: Losing her grip

Kim is looking more and more in need by the moment. As she proposes a chance for her and Drew to raise a sibling of Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt), she gets more and more desperate to win him over to her way of thinking. He’s very concerned about her mental health and firmly, but gently, tells her that he can’t have a child with her, no matter what means are used.

He sees it as being unfair to the child and saddling it with unfair expectations later, should the kid find out. Kim is clearly upset by this, and asks to be alone. After telling her he’ll call tomorrow, he leaves Kim alone in the apartment, where she hallucinates a baby crying. This soon turns into a vision of Oscar standing there. This sends her running for the phone and begging someone to come over.

That person, as it turns out, is Shiloh. He is obviously in character as he says it was no problem to come by. He’s always there to take advantage of a woman on the ed—er, to help someone in need. They talk about Oscar a moment, and she tells him about how she saw him tonight. She’s felt him, too, and wants Shiloh to help her bring him back.

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Tells Julian About Kim

Meanwhile, Drew has stopped by to see Julian Jerome (Willian deVry) at work. Without going into the specifics of what Kim wanted from him, Drew makes it clear that he believes Kim is struggling very seriously and needs help. Julian is grateful for the info.

Speaking of Julian, earlier, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) put the pieces together and realized that he had Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) help with the destruction of the adoption records. She reads him the riot act about involving her and Lucas in a crime, then orders him to stay out of things from here on out. She, meanwhile, is going to get to work trying to fix the mess he’s created.

General Hospital spoilers: Drunken philosophy saves the day

Jason is in danger of a lot more than losing the right to a phone call. The cop who hauled him in calls Shiloh to let him know they have Mr. Morgan as a guest at the jailhouse. Shiloh gives the order to “deal” with him, and it’s looking pretty bad for Jason.

Luckily for him, he’s soon got a cellmate: Michael, who has doused himself in booze and is pretending to be drunk. He’s doing an excellent job, by the way, and freaking hysterical. FakeDrunk!Michael is a philosopher, one who is already making his own arresting officer insane. The two officials leave the pair alone, having agreed that Michael will sleep it off there for the night, while Shiloh’s enforcer will deal with Jason.

As soon as they’re alone, Michael produces a bobby pin that Jason uses to unlock the door. Michael says he had to do what he could to help, because he has a lot of questions and doubts about his own son’s death and if it could have been prevented. He doesn’t want to have similar doubts for his godchild.

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‘General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Michael & Jason, Port Charles’ New super Team!

When the cops return and approach the door, Jason jumps into action and quickly has Shiloh’s enforcer knocked out on the ground, and the other one at gunpoint. Pretending not to know Michael, he orders the “kid” to drag the enforcer into the cell.

The other cop is forced in at gunpoint before Jason tells Michael it’s his lucky day and orders him to leave. Before Jason takes off as well, he locks the cell door and advises the other cop to get a new place to work. As part of this rescue plan, by the way, Michael has Sam waiting nearby to drive them back to Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers: Stern warning

Epiphany is surprised to learn about Bobbie Spencer’s (Jacklyn Zeman) Type 2 diagnosis. That doesn’t mean she’s going easy on Bobbie, who she sees as being at risk of falling into denial. Epiphany should know what she’s talking about, as she admits that she’s also been diagnosed and went through that.

In her case, she didn’t take as good care of her heart as she should and ended up having a mild heart attack. It was a wake-up call, and she doesn’t want Bobbie to go through the same. She orders Bobbie to stay on top of this and make whatever adjustments she needs to to stay healthy. She also offers support and guidance, should Bobbie want to come to her with questions.

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