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Sam Asghari EXPOSED For Being Under Britney Spears Conservatorship Payroll, Lies About His Role In K-Fed Diss Post

Sam Asghari EXPOSED For Being Under Britney Spears Conservatorship Payroll, Lies About His Role In Kevin Federline Diss Post

The Britney Spears conservatorship story made splashes when the 13-year deal came to an end. While it was seen as a freeing moment for Britney, her ex-husband, and father of her children Kevin Federline has come out in a tell-all interview saying that she has barely seen her own children and that the conservatorship probably saved her life.

This has triggered a response from Britney and her now husband, Sam Asghari on social media as they called out Kevin for his “lies” and continued to mock and ridicule him for coming out with this interview after the conservatorship ended. However, all signs point to Kevin being the sane one, and even the teenage kids side with their father.

With more information becoming available, it looks like Britney actually has a snake in the grass with Sam and that he was actually a secret supporter of the conservatorship. In fact, during a hearing last month, Britney said the details of her conservatorship forced her into a grueling mental health treatment program seeing therapists she hasn’t selected, was given a mood stabilizer with negative side effects, psychiatric evaluations, and use birth control. Meanwhile, Sam was praising her and said, “it isn’t weakness, it’s a sign of absolute strength.”

If Sam was so against the conservatorship, why would he praise the therapy sessions and what the conservatorship was forcing on her?

Looking back, Sam was in one of Britney’s music videos, ‘Slumber Party’, and from there, The Iranian-born fitness model was hired as a cook for Britney. Speculation had been happening forever that he was working for her with fake documents circulating online. However, the fake was based on a real, redacted document that stated the health and fitness chef was getting paid $500 a day and working 5 days a week.

Britney then posted a video in August of 2019 of Sam cooking for her which only heated up the rumors about his role in the house. Meanwhile, Sam shot a clip for The Doctors TV show in September of that year revealing his recipe for Britney’s favorite dish, peach steak. Sam said in the segment: “Gentlemen, if you want some props, definitely cook for your girl.”

Sam Asghari EXPOSED For Being Under Britney Spears Conservatorship Payroll, Lies About His Role In Kevin Federline Diss Post

While Britney used to pay Sam a salary, and according to an insider from The Sun, “Some fans have this impression that Sam is in it for the money but Britney said it is not like that at all. Britney rejected any claim that Sam is just another contract she has got herself into or taking advantage of her to cash checks, despite having worked for her before.”

There’s no denying that Sam has been on the payroll before, and his transition from music video actor, to cook, to husband, is an interesting one, to say the least. With the conservatorship coming to an end, and Sam saying that the only reason Kevin is speaking up now is that the money is about to be gone has people wondering if he has ideas about that money.

In the beginning of figuring out a prenup, a source close to the couple told Heat Magazine, “Sam wants substantial increases for every five years they are married, should it end.” However, it seems he changed his tune, and now he doesn’t “get a dime” of what she made before the marriage. Let’s not forget, she’s still raking in the money though, and now that the conservatorship is over, she will be in control of it, which means Sam can watch that money pile up. Sure, it’s not part of what she’s made up to this point, but there’s still a lot of money to be made.

Now, Sam has turned his attention to Kevin in a post defending his wife and claiming that K-Fed hasn’t been a good role model before he hasn’t worked much over the last 15 years, claiming that his gravy train is about to end. From the interview though, it sounds like Kevin is more concerned about his children and raising them, even keeping them out of the public eye for all of these years. Kevin seems to be more concerned not with what’s going to happen to his “gravy train”, but what Sam and Britney will do with the money and not worry about the boys.

The kids seem to side with their father, and in a clip, as Kevin is talking about Britney’s nude Instagram posts and how they’ve affected them, you can see the children nod in agreement. It seems Sam doesn’t realize the impact that Kevin has had on them as a father, and believes it’s just the money. Sam seems to be more concerned about the money.

There’s no doubt that Sam has been on the payroll from the beginning, the only question is, is he still on the payroll? While Britney fans will see this as a happy ever after storybook ending, the reality of the situation seems much darker.

What do you think? Is Kevin doing right by his children doing this interview and calling out Britney and Sam? Let us know in the comments below.

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