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FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who will survive tonight’s episode?




The Masked Singer spoilers reveal tonight’s a big night for the contestants. The remaining singers so far will compete before a double elimination happens. Let’s take a look at the last episode and what we expect to go down.

FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: The performances

First off, The Masked Singer spoilers indicate we had four contestants from this initial group left. They were Firefly, Thingamabob, Ram, and Cyclops. We liked most of the performances, although our personal favorite was Firefly’s performance of Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing).” She had a great energy in the performance and her vocals were on point. However, if we have to pick a second highlight of the night, it would be Cyclops’ performance of Elvis Presley’s “Suspicious Minds.” This might be a bit controversial, but it’s the only song by Elvis we really like, so the choice was perfect in our opinion. However, Cyclops surprised us with the vulnerability he brought to the vocal. An overall great performance. Which we feel should have been enough to ensure these two move on to the next phase. However, there’s a little twist this season.

FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: The Duel

See, The Masked Singer spoilers reveal they decided to make a change in the game. In week two, they took the two singers with the least amount of votes and had them face off in a western-style duel of vocals. What shocked us was, Firefly was one of those two singers. We thought Thingamabob should have been there instead of her, but what can you do?

Anyway, after the two performers each sang a quick bit of a different song, the judges got their say. And in the end, they decided Firefly was going to be the one moving on. Ram was revealed to be sportscaster Joe Buck, who had a connection to the guest judge, Eric Stonestreet. We were glad abought the result. However, we have a slight concern.

FOX The Masked Singer Spoilers: We have a problem…

It’s no secret that Firefly had a bit of an issue in episode one. She suddenly began choking during the opening lines of her performance and needed assistance. While she came back and delivered a great performance later (and this past week), we had more drama with her. After she was announced as the second participant in the duel, Firefly walked off the stage.

This makes us wonder if she’ll have what it takes to get through the entire competition. Yes, she has the voice. No question about that. But watching the walk-off unfold made us wonder if that (and episode one’s incident) are indicative of massive stage fright. We’d hate to see her go, but there are two people going home tonight. So, there is a very good chance she could be one of those two. We’ll see. Either way, only one of the singers we’ve been watching will survive tonight’s eliminations, which means a new bunch of singers are making their entrance next time.

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