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Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Plath Family Mystery - What Christian Branch Do the Plaths Belong To?

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Kim Plath, Barry & The Plath Family Let Loose!

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers reveal that Kim Plath, the formerly humorless matriarch of this family planned an evening of good, clean fun where everyone got a pie to the face.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Wait, what?

Is this the same Kim Plath that we’ve been following for two seasons? The same one that found a problem with virtually everything and everyone and had a stern, hard look at everything?

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Yup, it’s that same Kim Plath.

I don’t know if we had a conservative Christian version of invasion of the body snatchers or what, but, if I’m totally honest I’m kind of digging this new Kim. The one who isn’t totally pent up all the time and plans secret pie fights with her family.

That was kind of a dirty trick she played on Isaac, waving the pie in his face before soundly smacking him with it – although we all have to admit, none of us saw that one coming! Isaac really didn’t know what to do and it took a full minute for him to process that he had just been hit with a pie and it was his Mom that did the hitting – and that she was joking around.

Hm, okay, so maybe there’s a side to Kim that we haven’t seen. Maybe there’s some humor and lightheartedness underneath that cold, miserable-looking exterior that we just didn’t know about. I mean, there’s always a possibility. I think the one who had the most fun was quite possibly Lydia, even though, she had dressed in her best dress for this occassion and they had had a fancy dinner.

(I wonder if Lydia had cooked this or if Kim had cooked it or maybe, just maybe, they had it catered – I mean, now that the  kids can have coffee once a week at the age of 7 then anything can happen!)

I’m glad that there’s a less stern side to Kim, but I’m sorry that Ethan and Olivia weren’t there to see it. It was sad that, prior to this moment Micah and Moriah said that they were going to hand out hugs from Ethan and Olivia since they couldn’t be there to hug the younger siblings themselves.

I think Ethan would have really appreciated this moment and maybe that’s why Kim did it, maybe she tried to recreate what would have otherwise been a purely Ethan moment. I do hope that one day this family can come together again, maybe, just maybe there’ll be a season 3 and we’ll get to see that happen. Stay tuned!!!

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