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‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Barry & Kim Plath’s Double-standard With Moriah/Micah Exposed!

‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers tells that maybe this is just because Micah is a legal adult, and technically Moriah is not. But there seems to be a distinct double-standard in the way that the Plaths treat Micah as opposed to Moriah.

Yes, Micah was told to move out, but under considerably less duress than Moriah was. Micah, to my knowledge, only acted out one time as opposed to Moriah’s many times, but nonetheless that one time he was told that unless he could abide by the Plath house rules, that he was to move out. Which, he obliged, along with Moriah. However…

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Double-standard much?

Ever notice how, even though Kim has said that she knows what those two are up to due to people sending her updates on her phone, that so far, Barry has only showed up to Moriah’s place of work? It seems like they’re actively trying to get Moriah back into the fold, but with Micah they seem to realize that this is part of his growing up phase, that he has to spread his wings and learn to fly as an adult.

Moriah, however, even though she’s 17 and still, yes, technically a minor, they still treat her as if she’s a child. Kim or Barry has not shown up to any of Micah’s modeling gigs (yet), probably because there’s a lot of security that goes along with modeling gigs, but still. 

Also, Kim never one brought up the girls that Micah had dated, but it was the first thing that she zeroed in on with Moriah. Moriah shut it down quickly by telling her that she didn’t want to talk about it, but I didn’t see her getting onto Micah about going out with girls.

Yes, she did mention sex, but she didn’t give Micah nearly the third degree as she did Moriah. The thing is, they have a really large double-standard when it comes to their children, the boys are given a free pass to do what they want (well, almost, poor Ethan was scolded for kissing Olivia on the cheek!) but the girls can’t even look at a boy without a big deal being made.

I feel bad for Lydia. We’ll see how this non-chilled out way of life will affect her as she potentially starts dating. Better watch, Kim, she already wants to go to Romania, she might end up staying there if you push hard enough. Stay tuned!!!

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