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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Does Barry Plath have an evil side?

When Kim Plath had the conversation about her relationship concerns with Barry Plath, it made us all wonder, is there a side of Barry that the cameras simply haven’t seen? We wondered this because Kim alluded to him being harsh on her whenever he got angry and taking it out on her.

Now, the Barry Plath that we all have seen on-camera is very balanced and calm, you could never imagine that man even raising his voice beyond a joyous shout, right? But we only see a portion of what Barry puts forth for the camera. He still works a regular job outside the home, or at least he did pre-COVID, and he does not seem to have very many friends who can attest to any sort of temperament he has outside of Kim herself.

Does Barry Plath have an evil side?

We also noticed that Micah said that when he was a kid and he wanted to ride in the truck with Barry, he was often afraid to talk to him. Why would a child as precocious as we’re assuming little Micah was be afraid to talk to their Father?

So far, Micah is the only Plath child who has expressed that sentiment, but one has to wonder why. We do get that Barry is hard to talk to and awkward to interact with (just look at the conversation he tried to have with Isaac in S2 about girls, and this is one of the kids he’s on good terms with!) but this was before the fame and before any cameras were present, so what was little Micah so afraid of when it came to talking to his Dad?

Kim said that Barry was hard to connect with and we do see that, but does anyone get the feeling that some of how Barry comes across may just be an act he puts on for the cameras? We do wonder what would happen if there happened to be a hidden camera around. Of course we’ll probably never get that privelege. Maybe one day, one of the Plaths will write a tell-all, my money is on Hosanna since she is not involved with the show at all. It would be interesting. Stay tuned!!!