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TLC Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Kim Plath finds solace in Moriah Plath

Among the fandom of ‘Welcome to Plathville’, there’s the general consensus that no one actually feels sorry for Kim Plath. They think that she made her bed long ago and damaged her kids and she should just lie in it, but now that her older kids have practically fled from her life she admitted the one thing that we kind of all suspected – that Kim isn’t actually happy and hasn’t been happy for awhile.

This would explain the reason why she was trying to tear apart Ethan’s marriage, this would explain why she threw such a fit when Micah and Moriah moved out, this explains everything it had nothing to do with her own personal beliefs, rather it had everything to do with the fact that she was trying to keep up the facade that everything was fine and that she and Barry had this wonderful, happy marriage.

Apparently that could not be further from the truth.

The thing is we don’t really know all the details of how Kim discovered she was unhappy yet, she did tell Moriah that the realization happened when she was home alone and Barry had all of the kids and she realized that she was not happy at all. In all those times she had never truly had time to think, and it only makes sense, having a household of 9 kids at any one time is enough to crowd anyone’s thought processes.

Kim Plath finds solace in Moriah Plath

She didn’t say how long it had been when she realized she was unhappy, but one would be willing to bet that the deep unhappiness began right around the time of her young son, Joshua’s death, and simply progressed from there.

It would seem that Barry was either completely unaware of Kim’s unhappiness (hard to believe) or was willfull ignorant because of his own beliefs and getting what he wanted was more important. That seems a little more logical, we’re not saying that Barry is diabolical, but for someone who grew up like Kim to go full-on fundamentalist for him and get married?

There had to be some kind of psychological control going on, whether or not it just made her feel safe (something she alluded to in the past) or whether there was some secret ultimatums going on, we don’t know.

But now that Kim has had time to think and explore her own thoughts and feelings… now is when she can truly sympathize with Moriah, and now she feels like the only one who truly hears her out of the whole entire family is Moriah.

Uh-oh, move over Lydia, Mama’s got a new favorite! Moriah said that over the last year she and Kim have talked and actually repaired their relationship a good deal, sure there are probably things that they won’t ever talk about but for the most part they seem to be on good terms… which is good. That still doesn’t prevent it from being hilariously ironic, though. Stay tuned!!!