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‘Welcome to Plathville’: Kim Plath’s Unconventional Ways

With the third season of Welcome to Plathville coming to TLC sooner than we expected, fans of the show are curious about the family dynamic now. On the first two seasons, we saw Kim and Barry Plath keeping their children as close as possible to them.

They didn’t send them to public school, allow television, sugar, or social media. Now it seems as if the older children are rebelling and are speaking out about their mother’s unconventional ways.

‘Welcome to Plathville’: Kim’s Parenting

Viewers of Welcome to Plathville have really started to enjoy the show and have grown to love the cast. The older siblings are making big moves and are happy to be out of their parents’ house. Fans of the show have started to notice the way Kim parents and even her children have mentioned it.

The Plath children are not given the chance to find out what the real world is like and that has really started to bother some viewers. Viewers have called her behavior “sneaky” and very unconventional.

In the newest spoiler for the third season of the show, Moriah, Olivia, and Micah Plath are getting ready for their band to play out in public. Olivia told Moriah and Micah that she would love to play out with them, but she needed to know that Kim wouldn’t show up. Kim told the teens that she wouldn’t go to the gig and knew that it would make Olivia uncomfortable.

Kim Plath decided that she just had to go anyway and she brought a few of the younger Plath kids with her. This was a disaster and Olivia was livid! In the same clip, we will also see Kim sneaking through her daughter, Lydia Plath’s phone, only to see that she has been texting with a boy!

Kim is always stirring up serious drama and this season seems to be filled with it. With new living arrangements and new encounters, fans of Welcome to Plathville are happy about the season three announcement.

We will have to be very patient and wait until TLC gives us the premiere date. In the meantime, you can follow most of the Plath children on social media. Moriah, Ethan, and Micah post pretty regularly on Instagram and they will sometimes have Q& A sessions with their fans.

We are happy about this new season and can’t wait until TLC finally releases the premiere date for fans.

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