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‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Amber Plath Ask Hard Hitting Questions To Mom Kim Plath

Amber Plath may be the next Plath to go rogue. In the latest episode of Welcome to Plathville, she asked Mom, Kim Plath, during “the talk” she had with the younger Plath girls, she was the one who asked the hard-hitting questions of her Mother. Straight out of the gate, she asked her if she had bought the dance studio in order to be more independent so that she wouldn’t have to rely on Barry’s income.

Kim told her no, that she just really wanted a place to dance and that she had wanted that for awhile, that it had nothing to do with finances. She did say that buying the studio had more to do with her wanting to find adult dance classes and finding none in Cairo, calling ballet studios and them telling her that their classes were all for children, which, if your heart is set on dancing like Kim’s seems to be, is pretty discouraging.

Welcome to Plathville: Amber Plath the brave and the bol

Kim also said that a lot of the way she had raised her kids was her trying to overcorrect her own childhood and that her own, single-parent household hadn’t been a very secure place and that she had been put into situations that weren’t safe. While she didn’t really elaborate on what those situations were, we can imagine, simply because of the tea that Micah Plath spilled earlier in the season that Kim’s Mom used to grow marijuana, and while it’s always been a seedy business (no pun intended) in the 70’s it would have been even more so.

So… we kind of get where Kim is coming from. She said that as she’s watched her older kids grow up and leave the nest she’s learned to trust her younger kids more, and they’re not as restrictive about what they listen to or what they wear… this is a good thing for the younger Plaths.

But less restrictions or not, Amber Plath went for the jugular when she asked Kim if she was the one who wanted to break-up the family, if it wasn’t more fair that she be the one to move out of the house.

Wow! It’s clear to see whose side Amber is on, and it’s not Kim’s! We could be wrong, she could do a total 180 between now and the end of the season, but for right now it seems that as far as parents go, she prefers Barry’s style of parenting. She’s probably afraid that Kim would lapse right back into the old patterns again if she moved back in, and that’s a legit fear from a child who does not have any control over their situation.

What was a little mystifying was where Lydia Plath was, didn’t she want to talk to her Mom? Maybe she was at work, but the younger girls were definitely with Kim for the night.

Isaac was nowhere to be found either, so we assume that Lydia was at work and Isaac was at the airport, doing something, when Lydia came in later and learned of Amber’s questions she told her that she was really brave to be asking those sorts of questions from Kim, and we agree, but Amber has a bit of leeway that comes with being a younger sibling. You can get away with more. In this case, it includes asking the tough questions. Go Amber! Stay tuned!!!

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