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Paramount Sued Over 'Top Gun: Maverick' Film Rights - Family Claims That's THEIR Story

Paramount Sued Over ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Film Rights Starring Tom Cruise, Family Claims That’s THEIR Story

Tom Cruise would never have gotten to be Maverick in ‘Top Gun’ or its sequel if it wasn’t for the story the films are based on. The rights to these stories though seem to have lapsed according to a new lawsuit.

Some may already know this, but the original film from 1986 is based on an article written by Ehud Yonay, who wrote a very detailed piece in 1983 about fighter pilots in the Navy. Yoney said Paramount bought the rights from him in a deal, and it’s well-known the film is based on his story.

Paramount Sued Over ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Film Rights – Family Claims That’s THEIR Story

The copyright that was obtained by Paramount secured the exclusive ownership of the story for 35 years. However, Yonay’s widow and son say that they have sent Paramount a notice that terminated the studio’s rights to the story in 2020. Now, the tricky part of the story comes into play.

As we all know what happened in 2020… The coronavirus messed up a lot and the film industry was brutalized for what felt like forever. So the question is, was ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ finished in 2019, before the rights were lost but COVID-19 interrupted the editing process or was the film actually finished in 2021, after the pandemic?

The family insists that the film wasn’t completed until May of 2021, and that it’s a derivative of Yonay’s story. The timing here is the key.

Due to the box office success of the sequel, the family is now suing for an injunction to stop Paramount from infringing on the story and also damages.

At the moment, star Tom Cruise isn’t being sued personally, just the production company. If the film was indeed finished, they could be out, but as it looks right now, the film was delayed for a reason, and not finished until 2021, so they could have a point.

What do you think? Does the family have grounds to sue and will they have a chance at winning this fight against a company like Paramount? Let us know in the comments below.

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