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Drag Queen Speaks Out: "Drag IS NOT For Children"

Drag Queen Speaks Out: “Drag IS NOT For Children”

There’s been a lot of talk about drag queens being around children lately. Beginning with Drag Queen Story Hour to even talking small children to a club and giving them money to give to the dancers (yes this really happened). Many parents have pushed back against this idea, but have been called out for being ‘homophobic’, ‘transphobic’, and other ‘phobics’.

However, as it turns out (what a surprise), the parents may be right about not wanting to expose their children to a very sexual form of entertainment. Coming straight from the mouth of a drag queen themself who explained that drag is an ADULT entertainment and not something for children at all.

Drag Queen Speaks Out: “Drag IS NOT For Children”

Viewers reacted to the video saying, “Damn he is so intelligent and can speak very well, wow the clearness in his voice is goddamn nice”, “I love the sass and logic. Makes for a good combination.”, “Of course drag is not for kids. Boys wanting to wear a dress once a while or try to have their fingernails painted is fine and normal, but drag’ing is something completely different.”, “Mad respect for this rare person. Articulated well and with Common sense. She/He summed the Western Idiocracy just perfectly up.” and “Spot on. Now how do we convey this to the absolute abominations that force this onto their child or that force this into elementary school?”

The drag queen sums up the current issue very articulately and reasonably, explaining the reason why you would not want your children around drag queens, while at the same time explaining what goes on and how it is an adult entertainment… for adults.

Kudos to this person for their well-thought explanation and I think it’s something a lot of people can get behind.

What do you think? Do you agree with the person in the clip and would you want your children around something like drag queen shows? Let us know in the comments below.

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