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shane dawson may 2022

Shane Dawson records ‘scary’ trial episode of podcast

A few weeks ago Shane Dawson expressed interest in resurrecting his podcast and even posted an invite on his social media (namely instagram) saying that if people wanted to be a part of the podcast to head on over to the podcast’s page on IG and Shane would hook them up.

This is not the same podcast that Shane was operating a few years ago, the one that had him saying all kind of unsavory things about minors that alarmed people, this is a completely new and different one where we’re hoping those topics don’t come up. Apparently, Shane recorded this “trial run” episode with his brother who already has a penchant for conspiracy theories and the like, so anything that Shane records with him is bound to be pretty far out.

Shane Dawson records ‘scary’ trial episode of podcast

At least according to Shane’s later IG story that he posted of his camera man Chris looking like he’d just gotten 500 nam flashbacks all at once with the caption “@ChrisBStation fearing for his life after what he’s been a part of.” as of right now, the podcast is unreleased and we don’t know what went down and what Shane feels that is so ‘scary’, but he did release a documentary a couple of months back on conspiracy theories such as flat earth and the like so if it’s just in that vein, then one wonders what on earth is so scary?

Unless Shane Dawson actively defamed someone or an organization, then no one should be able to come after him and permanently cancel him. But perhaps that is the reason why he’s not released the trial run episode yet, perhaps he’s still running it past some lawyers and making sure that whatever he says in the podcast can’t be used against him in a court of law.

After all, Shane Dawson couldn’t stand up to a $100M defamation lawsuit ala Amber Heard. Although considering his relationship with family members of other, Oscar-Winning celebrities in the past, one does wonder if it perhaps has something to do with that. Guess we’ll just have to see. Stay tuned!!!